Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Labor time!

*sweeping away the dust* I think my blog is full of dust and spider webs.. It's been more than a month since my last post of false labor alarm.. Well, it is not a false alarm after all but an early sign of labor which I don't know about it.. #firsttimemum.. LOL.. If you are an active user in Facebook, you will realized a tons of baby pictures in my profile.. Yes, you are right.. My baby was born..

The story starts like this..... During the midnight of 17th February 2012..
After the so called false labor alarm, I survived the next day without any sign or pain. And so I thought, it is not going to happen anytime soon.. I still watch my drama, had my meals and all.. But as midnight approached, I begin to feel pain in lower abdomen which I casually thought is another false alarm.. So, I went to sleep and god, the pain become frequent as time goes by. I hardly can sleep and sometimes I need to stand for a while to feel relieved. I'm not waking my hubby up because I think the pain is still bearable. Until 5 something, I started to feel a little unbearable so I wake my hubby up and told him about the pain. He too, do not know what to do and asked me to wait for a while to see how.. Soon, I cannot take it so he went and wake his mum up and asked her what should we do. Her answer was GO TO HOSPITAL.. Okay.. I went and shower before going to hospital.. Hahaha.. Still got time to shower.. But I feel better after a hot bath but of course the pain didn't go away. I was supposed to go for doctor's appointment on that day itself but clinic did not open at 6am so I went straight up to labour ward. I told the nurse that I had stomach pain since midnight. The nurse register and then make me change into hospital suits. When changing, I realized there's blood coming out. Little bit like period. And so, I told the nurse and she nodded.. I was sent to a ward with four beds to wait and my husband was sent downstairs because he wasn't allowed to be with me. I was alone at first and soon joined by 3 other people. The nurses came and set up all the things and I was advised to lie down towards my left side to help baby to have better breathing. There was this women who is in the bed right in front of me screams like nobody's business.. She was 4-5com dilated and all she did was screaming "Sakit, tak tahan' I, of course was terrified as this is my first baby. I tried to stay as calm as possible because I know screaming won't help. Then, there are a bunch of doctors who came and check on each of us and when it is my turn, the professor touches my tummy and said 'I'm afraid you are not going to labor anytime soon'. He sent another housemen to check on me before sending me to pre-natal ward because I'm only 2cm dilated. I was thinking, 2cm already so pain, when 10cm how? The nurses bring me and another women up to the ward to wait until I'm at least 4 cm dilated.. Hubby came up to the ward and accompany me. Nurse asked me to inform her when my abdomen pain come every 5 minutes. I did tell her but she just asked me to wait for the doctor. Then the pain come every 3 minutes and I told her again and same thing, wait for the doctor. I had more blood coming out until I have to wear a pad. I waited patiently until the doctor to come at 2pm. Yes, the pain is unbearable... I had pain in the lower abdomen and my backbone at the same time. It's killing me and walking, lying down, sitting or anything didn't help at all. Finally, housemen came at 2pm and I told her about my condition. She said we don't check to often because they are afraid of infections so she asked me to wait for another doctor that will come later. I was like Wtf.. I'm in pain and you didn't even want to check for me? And guess what she said.. She adds, By looking at you, I don't think you are in great pain yet. Because we can see from expression. I didn't scream or anything doesn't mean I'm not in great pain.. Don't judge people by expression. Nehmind.. I waited and mum, sis in law and bro came around noon. My sis in law was terrified when she saw I'm in pain. I have to make my hubby to rub my back to feel better. Finally another doctor came at 4pm and he checked on me. I was thinking, if you tell me I'm not even 4cm dilated now, I'll go bang my head to the wall. I'm serious.. The pain is so unbearable and indescribable.. Luckily he said, you are 6cm dilated and can be sent to the labor room.. Phew! At least can go to the labor room.. Btw, this doctor is the one in surgical ward when daddy was admitted in hospital.. Now, he is transferred to labor ward.. I cannot even walk so the nurse have to take a wheelchair for me. I was sent directly to the labor room instead of the labor waiting room like in the morning. In the labor room, I was given a mask for me to inhale when I was in pain. When the nurse is setting up, I heard loud screams from other room.. It kind of terrifies me again.. It was so loud that the nurse decided to change a room for me right in the end. But i still hears that person's screaming away. Wow, she was loud. The nurse asked me not to scream as it did not help and in the end, I will not have enough energy to deliver my baby.. So, I dare not scream at all.. I only inhale the gas when the pain came. Maybe I inhale too much so I feel slightly floated.. LOL.. Like high on drugs although I don't know how high on drugs feels like.. My water is not broke yet and the nurse said doctor wants it to break naturally so I have to wait again.. Around 7 something, my water broke and still not ready for labor yet. I had few urge to push and I did push because it is so painful.. Like you wants to shit but you cannot.. This is how it feels.. Hahaha.. What a way to describe the pain. Around 7.30pm and after a few pushes, I feel something stuck down there so i ring the bell and the doctor came in.. I said, "Doctor, I feel something down there" She went and have a look and said, "Oh, I saw your baby's hair already and we can start the labor process" She went and get ready and all soon, the labor starts.. And it only ends at 8.18pm.. Phew! Finally, my baby is born.. I took so long because I don't have enough energy to push. I didn't eat much earlier so no energy.. But at least, it's a success and I feel proud of myself.. *pats myself* The first thing the nurse did was to hand me the baby to have a look.. After that, they bring her out to bath. As for me, continue to stay in to take out the placenta and stitches. I even asked the doctor, how do a placenta look like? She said I will show you later when it is out.. After the labor pain, nothing beats it so I feel so relax and begin to ask questions when the doctor is doing my stitches. I'm only done around 10 something and was sent to the post-natal ward. The first 2 person that I saw when I was out from the labor ward is my hubby and my sister.. My baby was sent for injection.. In the ward, there is all my family and my mother in law and hubby's younger sister. They told me hilarious story about my hubby. When the nurse came out from the labor room, she asked my hubby if he wants to have a look at his daughter. Guess what is his answer? It's okay, I can see her later.. The nurse was shock and asked, why you didn't want to see your daughter? Instantly, he feels weird and peek behind the counter and he saw....

This is her, my little princess.. She opens her eyes the moment her daddy saw her.. Haha.. Hubby thought the nurse asked him to go into the labor room to have a look at the baby.. Little did he know that the baby is actually just behind the counter.. The whole labor process is long and tiring so I sleeps not long after I went into the post natal ward. My brother asked me, why you look more energetic now than afternoon? He said in the afternoon, I look like dead fish and after delivery, I look so energetic. Haha.. I said not in pain anymore so feels better.
Credits to my buddy, Leong Wan Huey for taking great pictures of my baby. My DNDHZ friends came few days after to visit me and my baby.. Poor baby have to stay in the hospital for 8 days because of jaundice. As her mummy, I stayed in with her too.. An inexperience mummy taking care of her baby by herself.. They don't allowed anyone to stay with me when I'm in post natal ward and they only allowed when baby was transferred to pediatrics ward..
This is second day I think.. In a blink of eyes, she is one month old now.. Growing healthily.. Soon, she can talk, walk or even run.. Hahaha.. Heart my baby..

I love you, Sammie Koh Tze Xuan...