Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crazy timetable

My schedule is finally out but I'm not happy with it. 4 days of 8am class plus 2 days of 5 hours straight of class for 1 particular subject. How suck can that be? Most of my lecture and tutorial class is in Q block. Oh my god, that is really really far.. Matilah saya.. When assignments start, I'm dead for sure.

I can't believe I still have to attend English this semester. So, I attended English today and it is boring.. 1st, lecturer is a Sue Soh num 2 minus the overacting part. 2nd,she discuss about meetings and only meetings. I almost fell asleep in the class. But she is kind of unique tho because if someone communicate using language other than English,in the following week, that particular person have to sing a song in the class. I think assignments for this semester is kinda heavy too as they carries lots of marks.. Hopefully I can survive thru semester 2..
Yesterday, I worked in Harvery Norman in Midvalley but under Papago lo.. It's an easy job as I only need to serve the customers. Plus it's a Tuesday so there are not many customers. Hehehe.. In fact, I've watch several movies there such as Ong Bak 3, Shanghai Noon, Madagascar 2 and Shaolin Soccer.. There are one stool there and the staffs there are so friendly to let me rest.. I've met few new friends and they are so kind to have lunch with me.. *happy* Due to the wrong shoes, my feet is full with blister and it hurts badly. New semester starts already so hopefully I will still have time for some part time jobs coz I wants to spend my own money.. I just feel that I should reduce some of my daddy's burden because my younger brother is going to enter college soon. Right now, I pray for a good results and also for my brother so that he can really study hard and get good grades..

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Holiday.. byebye

My holiday is ending soon.. Which tomorrow will be the last day.. Happy to go back to college or want longer holiday? I don't know. Holiday has not been good because there are lots of things happened. And most of it is unhappy things. Maybe starting a new semester will helps a little. Hopefully I don't have to change class.. *prays*

Yesterday, I was 'surprise' by boyf's sudden visit. Not a surprise tho because I knew he will come. Just don't know what time. Lolz.. So, his surprise failed like previous times.. But the thoughts that count so I'm happy also. Mum wants me to blend the orange into juice and I make my boyf do it.. Evil me.. I did offer to help but he didn't want me to. So, I just stand beside him and chat with him. We went jalan-jalan in Aeon and he bought me gummy bears. *loves* He left around 8 something because of emergency but I'm happy spending some time with him..

I'm going back to KL tomorrow night.. I miss my buddies.. so much..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The happy me..

This is my new hair cut. Not much difference but my front hair is shorter and my split end is 80% gone. Which makes me super happy. I was so annoyed by the frizzy and bristle hair and not forgetting, full of split end. Anyway, I finally had a very nice sleep. That also makes me happy and the negativity inside me is all gone.. I get myself a job yesterday.. Oh, money to shop again.. Double triple happiness.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can I sleep peacefully? I've having insomnia for few days already. My body is really tired but mind just don't let me rest. I just want to have a good night sleep. I just hope I can just sleep and never wake up so that I can escape from REALITY.. Reality is cruel as always. What is done is done.. Nothing I can do to turn back time. Even if I want to, things will still be same..

Monday, September 20, 2010

I hate holiday now.. just this moment

Sometimes, I hate holidays because I will be in hometown and away from my best friends. I miss hanging out with them and talks particularly everything.. Whenever I'm down, they will be there to cheer me up. Lame jokes, foul languages and etc will makes me happier..
Anyway, receiving calls from Yogurt cheers me up a little.. Told ya, friends ease the emo me..
I guess this holiday is tough for everyone because too many things happened. It forced us to get out from our comfort zone and face the reality. Hardly can rely on people to solve it for us. Hopefully new semester gives me new hope..

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mixed feelings

I come across this pictures when I looking at my old pictures.. This is one of my chemistry experiment during A Levels.. Colourful isn't it? How nice if life can be that colourful? Yesterday, I attended my relative's funeral. He is not a close relative to me, just know who he is. He died of heart attack in front of a shop near his house. It was so sudden and unpredictable. I never like funeral because it always means someone dearest to me left me. Recently, I've been emo-ing because of things that I read in facebook. I feel upset because of less contact and all the weird status update. It feels like I know nothing about him. I don't know. I didn't want to ask or confront because it will only ended up with me thinking too much.
I find that there are always a season for something such as breaking up season, involve in a relationship season and etc. Recently, it will be having an affair season. Hahaha. Few friends around me is having an affair. I don't get it. What is the excitement of having an affair? Why people have to be that greedy? One is not enough? It will only hurt your partner then why do so? One of my friend's friend broke up with her bf because he is having an affair. I thought they were so loving and the bf love her so much. It is such a waste that they broke up. I don't know who to blame in an affair issue because both parties thinks they are right. Relationship is complicated. That is all I can say.
Finally get my IC done today. At least I did something during my holiday. I guess staying at home too long will caused me to be emo. Sigh..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a lazy bum I am

I look like I just woke up after hot sex and stole my boyfriend's shirt to wear. Nope, it's mine.. This is one of the things that I splurge during my stressful exam week. I forgot to bring my clutches back so I wear it just like this.. Hahaha.. Holiday is a bit boring for me because I tend to be too free.. I stayed in front of the lappie too long that I find it quite boring. Then, I start reading my new book and I finished Mini Shopaholic in 3 days.. I also tried playing The Sims 3 which I kind of enjoy. But somehow, I got stuck in building my dream house. I don't know what kind of design I wanted yet so I left it unattended.
I also started to watch Korean drama that I borrowed from Hui Bee before exam. I tried very hard to concentrate on the subtitles because they speak in Korean and the subtitles is in chinese. I tried my best to connect the words I know so that I know what is going on. It is not an easy task for me because Chinese words that I know is limited. Lolz. Yeah, I don't know how to read Chinese but I'm learning. I can speak well but just cannot read.
Finally, I hide my lazy bug and start cleaning my stuff that I left there about half a year. I throw away all of my notes but keeps my assignments because that is my hard work.. I even throw away lots of things such as receipt, name cards and wallets/purse.. Phew, after 1 and half hour later, everything is done including vacuuming the room. I'm happy because I got extra space to put things.. Guess mum and sis will be happy seeing it too.. And and I found RM50 in my drawers.. Yippie, extra cash.. I wonder if I hide any money anywhere?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Shelter of my life

I barely mentioned about my family in my blog. And here it is, my family photo during my convocation. My elder brother actually flew back to Malaysia just to attend my convocation. I'm mad happy when I heard that. I'm glad that all my family members loves me and pamper me like a princess. I'm the third children in the family so I'm having an elder brother and sister. I was the lucky one being pampered because I'm the younger sister so I gets all the privilege. Even my younger brother also pamper me because he will listens to me whining and settle my problems with the lappie. Recently, we had a new activity which is singing.. Lolz.. Both of us is having holiday at the same time and we can hang out together.. Or else I will be bored to death. Of course I got one more family member.. The most recently one.. Or should I said ten years ago..
Yeah.. It's my velvet doggie.. Love him max!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The day we reunited again..

2 days ago, Pink came to Klang and stayed with me.. She asked me to go Nilai at first but I just came back to Klang that day itself.. So, it is kind of impossible to leave again as my parents will nag me non stop. She drove all the way from Nilai to Klang just to meet me.. Owh, I'm so touched. *loves her max* I went to Klang Parade and get her because she is not familiar with Klang. We talked non stop since I get into her car. That night, we actually chatted and watched drama together until 3.30am. It was a really nice catch up because we were both busy and couldn't find the right time to meet. I miss her so much and meeting her makes me feels like having my other half back. I've been missing a piece of myself. Lolz. She completes me.. Ok, I sounded like a lesbo but we are not. We updates our life and tell all the stories to each other. In the end, we dozed off because I was still suffering the aftermath of a trip. We shared a single bed in my study room.. Hahahaha.. Sorry darling, make you squeeze in a single bed with me. But I enjoyed the intimacy.. Oh my, I sounds lesbo again.. Nehmind, I'm willing to be lesbo with her.. LOlz.. The next morning, we woke up pretty early and had breakfast. Surf the net for a while then shower and off we go to Pyramid. Shopping is also a must do during our meetings. We actually went with my sis and her friend but we went separate ways. we tried on clothes and took pictures like how we used to. It is a really nice catch ups. We even met up with Alex and his friend, Morgan. Both of them are so kind to drop by Klang and catch a movie with us. The 4 of us had bah kut teh for dinner and we are 4 happy people again. The bah kut teh is yummylicious. We went to Aeon to watch Resident Evil 3D. The story line is so so and I was freezing inside. The person in front of me talks so loud. Don't he realized that he is actually in cinema? Gosh! Oh, Jerry did joined us for movies. Pink went back to Nilai after that because she actually forgots her charger. Hmmph.. We hugs each other goodbye before sending her off to Klang Parade again.. I'm so gonna miss her.. But she promised me that she will come and find me soon.. I'm waiting..

Fitting rooms of Forever 21
Like the poses
Lighting here is cool..
Self shot..
Love you darling
I shall see you again very soon

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Freedom that I've been longing for..

To celebrate my FREEDOM, I went to Genting with my gangs. We took crazy pictures, plays crazy rides which is not crazy at all, casino (3 of them underage) and watch television together.. We had a really fun 3days 2 nights. Coincidently, there are warehouse sales in Genting.. From the previous post, you all should know that I'm being so crazy and shops all the time. I have the urge to buy everything.. I went crazy over the sales and wanted everything.. But, most of the things that I bought in the end is for my boyfriend.. Arghh.. I only bought 1 belt for myself and that's all.
Today, I went to KLCC before coming back because there are a book fest. And I come back with 3 new books and RM99 poorer. Sad...
I'm tired today so I will blog again another day.

Group picture
Louis being isolated
Triangle love
Looks like kissing
Showing off our jersey
All the countries
Louis looks like being forced
Wan Huey is always weird
Self entertain picture
Self entertain picture num.2
Act innocent
Happy 3 friend
Act cute..