Friday, September 17, 2010

Mixed feelings

I come across this pictures when I looking at my old pictures.. This is one of my chemistry experiment during A Levels.. Colourful isn't it? How nice if life can be that colourful? Yesterday, I attended my relative's funeral. He is not a close relative to me, just know who he is. He died of heart attack in front of a shop near his house. It was so sudden and unpredictable. I never like funeral because it always means someone dearest to me left me. Recently, I've been emo-ing because of things that I read in facebook. I feel upset because of less contact and all the weird status update. It feels like I know nothing about him. I don't know. I didn't want to ask or confront because it will only ended up with me thinking too much.
I find that there are always a season for something such as breaking up season, involve in a relationship season and etc. Recently, it will be having an affair season. Hahaha. Few friends around me is having an affair. I don't get it. What is the excitement of having an affair? Why people have to be that greedy? One is not enough? It will only hurt your partner then why do so? One of my friend's friend broke up with her bf because he is having an affair. I thought they were so loving and the bf love her so much. It is such a waste that they broke up. I don't know who to blame in an affair issue because both parties thinks they are right. Relationship is complicated. That is all I can say.
Finally get my IC done today. At least I did something during my holiday. I guess staying at home too long will caused me to be emo. Sigh..

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