Monday, September 13, 2010

Shelter of my life

I barely mentioned about my family in my blog. And here it is, my family photo during my convocation. My elder brother actually flew back to Malaysia just to attend my convocation. I'm mad happy when I heard that. I'm glad that all my family members loves me and pamper me like a princess. I'm the third children in the family so I'm having an elder brother and sister. I was the lucky one being pampered because I'm the younger sister so I gets all the privilege. Even my younger brother also pamper me because he will listens to me whining and settle my problems with the lappie. Recently, we had a new activity which is singing.. Lolz.. Both of us is having holiday at the same time and we can hang out together.. Or else I will be bored to death. Of course I got one more family member.. The most recently one.. Or should I said ten years ago..
Yeah.. It's my velvet doggie.. Love him max!

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