Saturday, September 25, 2010

Holiday.. byebye

My holiday is ending soon.. Which tomorrow will be the last day.. Happy to go back to college or want longer holiday? I don't know. Holiday has not been good because there are lots of things happened. And most of it is unhappy things. Maybe starting a new semester will helps a little. Hopefully I don't have to change class.. *prays*

Yesterday, I was 'surprise' by boyf's sudden visit. Not a surprise tho because I knew he will come. Just don't know what time. Lolz.. So, his surprise failed like previous times.. But the thoughts that count so I'm happy also. Mum wants me to blend the orange into juice and I make my boyf do it.. Evil me.. I did offer to help but he didn't want me to. So, I just stand beside him and chat with him. We went jalan-jalan in Aeon and he bought me gummy bears. *loves* He left around 8 something because of emergency but I'm happy spending some time with him..

I'm going back to KL tomorrow night.. I miss my buddies.. so much..

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