Thursday, September 9, 2010

Freedom that I've been longing for..

To celebrate my FREEDOM, I went to Genting with my gangs. We took crazy pictures, plays crazy rides which is not crazy at all, casino (3 of them underage) and watch television together.. We had a really fun 3days 2 nights. Coincidently, there are warehouse sales in Genting.. From the previous post, you all should know that I'm being so crazy and shops all the time. I have the urge to buy everything.. I went crazy over the sales and wanted everything.. But, most of the things that I bought in the end is for my boyfriend.. Arghh.. I only bought 1 belt for myself and that's all.
Today, I went to KLCC before coming back because there are a book fest. And I come back with 3 new books and RM99 poorer. Sad...
I'm tired today so I will blog again another day.

Group picture
Louis being isolated
Triangle love
Looks like kissing
Showing off our jersey
All the countries
Louis looks like being forced
Wan Huey is always weird
Self entertain picture
Self entertain picture num.2
Act innocent
Happy 3 friend
Act cute..

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