Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm going CRAZEE soon

See la.. Ini orang tak mahu layan saya.. Hahaha.. He was actually busy sending message.. I spent some quality time with him yesterday. *loves* I thought he will be working but due to him not feeling well, he went to work later than usual.. I love the feeling of seeing him again after separation for a period of time. In this case, 2 weeks.. The feeling is just superb.. Love it till the max! Cause missing each other adds some spice to the relationship. And I got pocket money from him.. Hehe.. Coz I kinda overspend this 2 weeks la.. Exam stress caused it so it's not considered my fault right? pheww.. feels better..

Today is National aka Merdeka Day.. Everyone went out and I have to stay at home to study.. Pity me.. I'm having another paper tomorrow morning.. I guess, burning midnight oil again tonight. I want my beauty sleep la.. I miss my boy boy already.. I don't want to study for exam already.. I want to shop shop shop...

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