Saturday, August 28, 2010

Get over with it

As days passed by, I only want to get over with the exam. I feel so hopeless in this exam.. All I want is to get over with it. First, I did not attend classes as assignments is taking up most of my time. Even if I attended, I cannot concentrate because I'm very tired. So, how not to worry? In the end, I didn't score high marks for course work for oarticular subjects. I also didn't really know what am I studying. Time is not enough and I feel tired all the time.. I know I cannot blame anyone for my poor time management but I never imagine advanced diploma will be that hectic. Now, I thought, is it a bad decision to continue with advanced? But it's too late to regret now.. Just can pray that I pass..

I wonder, is it because this semester is a full theory semester which makes us feel so hectic? Memorizing is my thing but I do not like memorizing notes for 5 subjects. Plus the exam schedule is crazy.. I'm having paper on SUNDAY morning. Yeah, you read it right.. It's a SUNDAY.. Wow, rushing for Raya also no need to have exam on Sunday kua. Anyway, nothing we can do to change it.. So just bear with it. I will be finishing my paper this coming Thursday but I will be dead tired by that time because I'm also having paper on Wednesday. Freedom is on my way now..

I think I under extreme stress where I cannot sleep at night and then I have the urge to shop. People who know me well enough will know that I usually won't have the tendency to shop.. So, I guess I'm really under exreme stress.. Who want to sponsor me cash so that I can shop after exam?

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