Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jennifer aka Chen chen in the house..

That baby Chen chen aka Jennifer.. She smile but didn't look up thus the outcome.. Lol. Fyi, she is Yogurt's niece and she is here to attend her mother's convocation for Master Degree together with her granny.. This is the second time she is here and she is definitely and absolutely better than last time.. At least she let us carry her and play with her.. She reached KL around evening on Thursday and from that moment itself, we start playing with her. She is so hyper active.. Good things though.. Anyway, she's been good girl on Thursday night.. But disaster struck on Friday morning when the adults is preparing her for the convocation. She cried out loud until everyone in the house is waken by her. Reason why? She is still sleeping and someone changed her clothes and wakes her up. She cried continuously for half an hour.. No one can shuts her up so I'm awake at 7am in the morning. She went out with her granny, uncle and aunt at 7.30am and everyone had peace at last.. Lolz.. I tried to sleep back but failed so Yogurt and I went downstairs for breakfast.. In the end, both of us bought short pants for a very cheap price.. *happy* Anyway, baby is back around noon and once again cried non-stop because her daddy left her on bed.. Hahahahahaha.. No one can shuts her up again and the remedies is her daddy.. I play with her in the afternoon b4 heading back to Klang.. I'm gonna see her again this Sunday when I went back to KL. She will only go back to Johor on Monday night.. I'm so gonna miss her..

Yesterday, I had a row with the boyfriend. I didn't know things that I said hurts him though. I'm sorry, baby.. I've used the whole night to say sorry because I've been avoiding it earlier.. Anyway, we are ok now.. Love him..

I'm so scared now because I'm losing the mood to study for exam as each semester past by. I've been so de-motivated all the time. The workload for this semester is killing me. Maybe diploma is easier which results in me having hard time to cope with adv.diploma. Guess, people have to grow up somehow. *prays hard that I will pass for all my paper*

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