Friday, August 27, 2010

The week of hell..

It was few days ago when we went for group study again for final exam.. 25/08/10 is the day I'm having my first paper.. It was a very stressful paper because our tutorial is mainly about checking the assignments. I have no idea how the question will be asked and how we should apply the examples. Memorizing all the steps is not easy as it is a total stranger to me.. Words used is of course deeper than those when we were still in diploma level. After all the hardwork and memorizing, we finally sit for that particular on 25/08/10 at 2pm. I feel like falling into hell the moment I read the question paper. I know how to answer but not all.. I only can hope that I can pass this paper.. I've done my best already..
See, how hardworking I am.. Haha.. I'm not pretending for the photo sake but I'm really doing my own notes. The picture is taken by Yogurt for for fun because studying for long period of time. I want to be away from exam.. I don't have the mood to sit for exams anymore. I just finished the 2nd paper yesterday and there are 3 more to go.. How am I supposed to cope with the stress? I wonder.. This is the most stressful exam I've been sitting for so far. Now, I realized that diploma is easy compared to advanced. Maybe it is because I still cannot adapt with the sudden changes, that's why I'm feeling very stress.. I just need some time to clear my mind and concentrate.. On the other note, counting down for 3 more papers and I'm free like bird. Freedom, I love you the most..
Finally, this is another picture of baby Jennifer.. It is also the last night she stays in KL.. She went back on Monday evening. I kind of miss her now.. I wonder when will be the next time she come to KL.. She is very active and fun to play with. The only problem is very hard to capture her picture. I forgot to put the camera into kids & pets mode so most of the picture turns out blurry. No more playing with baby once coming home.. :( But never mind, we will meet again for sure, baby Jennifer.. Miss you!

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