Sunday, June 28, 2009

Great weekend minus assignments

My bag that I got it in Internet.. Happy happy.. I'm into shopping mood again.. Gosh.. So tempted to go shopping.. Sales is on..

I went to Jusco with my sister just now.. I saw 1 dress which I kind of like it.. But then something wrong with it, you know.. So, I don't know if I should get it or not. Still under consideration.. Bluek! :p

Sometimes, I just don't understand why people cannot stand on their own. Why they will have the intention to be dependent on others? I know I'm not fully independent as I'm still asking money from my dad. What I meant here is independent in dealing with your own problems..
For example, if you make a choice, just bear with the consequences. Don't just suffer a little and give up.. I mean, come on, this is life.. You are born to live you life and not to run away from it..
Ok ok, maybe I'm not quite qualified to said about all this but I'm proud to said that I do what I need to do and bear the consequences of my choice. So, no regrets.

I'm hungry now and I need to grab a quick lunch.. My oh my.. Shopping.. Sales, please stop tempting me. Thank you!

Friday, June 26, 2009


My oh my.. I am currently in cafeteria killing time.. I still got 1 hour b4 my class starts. Disaster.. I'm so so tired. Mainly because I'm lack of sleeps.. I watched Transformer on Wednesday, midnight with my boy. I watched till 3.15am.. Can you imagine? But the movie is good.. I liked it.. I would watch it again thou.. Lolz.. Too bad, the aftermath is killing me. I'm so lack of sleep for days..
The weather been crazy these few days. Hot weather and suddenly raining cat and dogs. Gosh, I might sick anytime soon which I know I can't.. I heard rumors that SBS students get H1N1 but I don't know if it is true..

O, breaking news!! Michael Jackson passed away this morning at 5.21am, Malaysian time. What a waste and sudden right? ANyway, rest in peace.. No more plastic surgery k..

I don't have mood to study nor doing assignments.. Sigh... What is wrong with me? Wake up!!

My sis text me yesterday telling me that she got my bag already. Yippie.. Will post pictures about it later..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little bit of myself!

It's Wednesday and I had only one class which falls on 6pm-8pm.. Suck right? My 'dear' Ms Chan canceled all her class this week. I still haven't get my coursework outline; how am I supposed to start my assignment? It's week 5 and I haven't done a single shit. I'm so under stress!!!!

Plus plus my boy's birthday is in approximately 2 weeks time.. Lagi stress!! I don't know what to buy for him yet..

I'm like having one class per day this week.. Gosh!! What is wrong? Cancellation happens and then replacement next.. Hated lecturer/tutor so much..

Whee~~~ Transformer tonight!! Can't wait coz it's been so long since I watch movie with my boy.. Heart him so much!

Saya punya Gang, bila mahu keluar sama-sama?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy father's day!

Papa, I love you!! Muackss.. We've been eating cake every month since February.. Oh, minus March.. February is my brother, ah boy's b'day.. April is mine, with 2 cake some more.. May is Mother's day and June is sis b'day plus Father's Day.. Yes, variety of cakes.. Me love it.. Yum yum~~

<-------- Father's Day cake..
Blueberry Yogurt!!

I'm wrong, ain't I?

I guess I'm always wrong in every way.

I feel so numb now, unable to think or feel anything.

All I need is sleep and never need to wake up.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tired but happy at the same time..

I finally updated my iPhone's software.. It's so cool when I finally can send mms, forward message (like wtf right?), voice recording and most importantly, Internet Tethering.. Yes, finally I'm able to online using my laptop.. I can do more things this way..

On the other hand, I found my belt this morning.. Erm, should I say my sister found it? Looks like my stuff is running back to me.. Good, I don't have to look for them like mad..

My weekdays is quite good in terms of spending more time with my B-Gang.. Except for my Ann baby.. ANN BABY, I MISS YOU!! I'm sure she will she this.. I'm driving on Monday and Tuesday mainly because my boy cannot fetch me.. Few times almost bang another car because I was careless.. My fault, sorry Louis, Madeline, Connie, Choon Mei and Justin for scaring all of you.. I don't have class until 8pm on Wednesday because it is replaced on Monday. I had dinner in my room that night because Rin ate already.. I'm tired that day with the stupid discussion from drama.. Headache after I finished my class.. And most importantly, when I asked Melvyn to read A Streetcar Named Desire so that we can choose which scene to act, the answer he gave me was you decide la.. Fuck you! If Alicia, I can understand because she is busy with the sponsorship for OO night but a security do at this time? Nothing.. He only gets busy on the actual night.. I was pissed.. I swear, next time even if I have to do it alone, I won't be in the same group with him anymore.. I tried my best to finished and finally decided on scene 2,3 and 4. At the same time, we found out that we actually must hand in our Radio & DJ assignment next week which we do nothing until this point.
8am class on Thursday and Louis is late for 1 hour.. We make him do the memo the moment he arrived and he got mad about it.. I sense the anger and asked Derek not to disturb him just in case he kena scold for nothing. In the end of the class, Louis actually yell at the class because no one pays attention when he makes announcement. WHole class was stunt except me because I expected it.. Sorry, Louis baby, I promise no next time k.. We went to Old-Town after class and I updated my software there.. Happy!! We rushed back to class for a quiz which I finished in 5 minutes. We went to Jalan Ipoh and then lunch.. LAst minute, they said wanted to go to Pavilion and we went. Louis and Hui Bee is forced to try on clothes.. Fun but then I forgot to inform my boy about me going out and it upset him.. Sorry.. I know I've been doing it many times but I will try... Friday, attend practical class and then replace E2's English class.. After class, I went to lunch with young baby and yogurt baby in Sri Rampai.. Not very nice but acceptable.. Fetched Erika and we make lots of noise in the car.. Lolz.. Went back to college after that because Derek is waiting for me, Louis baby is waiting for Young baby and Wayne is waiting for Yogurt baby.. Hahahaha.. I went to library with Derek trying to come up with an station ID but failed.. We dig out all the Radio & DJ books and almost fall asleep with them.. Louis baby called and said they are done therefore, we pack and went out to meet them. We went to Jusco.. Louis is in bad mood so he ate a lot.. Hahahahahah.. We went to arcade to play photo hunt.. Around 4.40pm we went back to college to attend class.. E4 students is in the room and the programs fails on us. We restart and all but still no use. We gave up at 5.30 sharp and left. Yogurt bay came and we talked and joke in the pondok. Louis baby bought Big Apple Doughnut and he gave me one.. Thanks baby. After all the chatting, I went back to hostel and pack. I finished reading my books while waiting for my boy to pick me up.. I'm tired these few days because I don't sleep well and spend lots of time running around KL..

Weekends.. I have the love hate relationship with weekends. Mainly because I can relax but feel boring and lazy on weekends. Arghh.. I don't know. I guess I just need to plasn for the whole drama thingy again.. Great, there goes my weekends.. Boy, I just wanted to splurge like nobody's business... But I'm broke. Damm it.. Credits to my collection of books.. Lolz..

To all my B-gang baby, 加油了.. Love you all, muackss..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pissed off..

Yes.. I was so pissed off yesterday. Since Wednesday, I didn't had enough sleep.. Class ended at 8pm on Wednesday, went to dinner then shower and sleep.. 8am class on Thursday and only get back around 5 something.. Gosh.. Tired.. Busy here and there and chatted on the phone with my boy until 1am.. Friday, 10am class.. I'm soooooooooo tired.. Somemore breaks so many hours.. Fine.. The 1st hour, I went for lunch with Madeline and gang.. Then English class for 1 hour.. Then break for another 3 hours.. Louis and I went to Yogurt's house. We bought cendol on our way there because weather is freaking hot.. Had fun chatting, playing ps2 and eating cendol. Still very tired.. Get our ass back to college around 4.45pm to attend class.. Got rumours that class will be devided into 2 session.. I reach college at 4.55pm..Audio lab was locked.. We knocked the door and Justin came out and said the tutor asked us to go back at 6pm.. Walao.. 1 freaking hour.. I'm so pissed and it is so unfair... We were not even late.. Waited for a whole 1 hour in cafeteria.. Hot hot and temper rises too.. Can boil water with it.. Anyway, next week we will be divided into 4 session.. Will see if luck is on my side.. Stress... I find myself very hard to concentrate in lecture which is very bad.. Late classes makes me tired.. I just have to find a way to concentrate.. I didn't want to repeat..

I've been spending more time with Yogurt baby.. I misses my Young baby and Ann baby... Our time clashes so it's quite hard to actually hanging out.. Time and OO night..Just have to wait until OO night ends.. Like I said earlier, I have been spending time with Derek lately.. Have fun with all the craziness.. I'm just waiting for the reunion of B-Gang.. Lolz.. Class schedule makes me couldn't keep up with my life and entertainment of coz.. But tha also makes me a good girl and save money.. Cash.. I will find a part time job if I'm free..

On the other hand, i've been spending more time with my boy.. 3 out of 7 days? Improvement coz previously he only manage to spend a day with me and I have to go back by myself.. This week, I feel pampered again.. Like what I mentioned earlier, he send me dinner on Wednesday and send me home.. Or should I say I send myself home coz I'm the one driving.. Lolz.. He don't really allowed me to speed but I curi-curi speed la yesterday while he was asleep.. Which actually not coz he knew what I'm doing.. He puts the Christmas bear on the speed meter and I acted like I don't know coz I can't see the speed meter.. But that mighty boy knew how much I speed.. Of coz la, it's his car.. But tw?>hen, he didn't sound but just laugh when I act innocent.. I think I have to brush up my driving skill especially with manual driving.. Haha.. Friends will know what happened last week when I'm driving manual.. Lolz..

Question : What would you do if your bf/gf wanted to find a second gf/bf (二奶)?

For me, I couldn't answer this question because I don't know how to react.. Maybe I will accept and maybe I won't. But actually how many people can accept this in modern era? Haha.. Maybe if my bf shared his second gf with me then I'll consider.. B-gang will know why.. But of coz the girl have to attracted to me also la.. It's very hard to find a girl that can capture my attention.. Boo~ Too bad..

My tutor for Radion & DJ asked us to brush up our vocals as a preparation for our assignments.. I realized that I couldn't sing well after my sore throat.. How? Sing everyday or read everyday? Lolz.. I know! Maybe shout everyday.. I guess I will eventually lost my voice.. I'm amazed by the audio lab and of coz the equipment.. But I couldn't remember all the steps.. I need a reference book.

Remember I said I want to update my iPhone software in the previous post? My boy received a message from Maxis saying they will send us an instalation disc for FREE.. But it only available at 18th of June which a day later than US.. I have to wait for them to send me the disk.. I wonder how long will it take.. Most importantly, I want to know if they support thetering.. I want that so badly.. So that I can online using my laptop.. Muahahahaha..... If don't have then I will cry..... Please Maxis, support that service k? Thank you...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New iPhone 3G S

I was so shock to see the new iPhone 3G S.. Much more feature and most importantly is 32GB..Omg.. Tempting and the feature.. I guess I can get more by updating my software.. I want i want and I want.. Hahahahha..

I'm currently in Yogurt's house watching some funny drama.. We are here to kill time.. I went to Jusco at 10am for breakfast and came back late for class.. My tutor is so angry that they scolded my classmates but not us, who are late.. Sorry mates.. Samantha went home today, jealousnya.. I also want to go home.. Tired ler, having 8am class today.. Sleepy.................................................

I want to go out and watch movie, sing k or something but then schedule sucks.. No time to go.. Like yesterday, my class starts at 2pm and straight till 8pm.. Wow, wat a long 6 hours.. My boy came and have dinner with me.. To my surprise, he packs me dinner already.. Ok, his boss pack dinner for them then he give me la.. I eat it in his car.. Hahahaha.. He accompany me until almost 10pm then he left.. He came because he know no one had dinner with me. Sweet.. Love him love him.. I'm so tired after that, shower, and then waiting for his call.. He didn't call, ok lo.. I call him.. Hahahaha.. Chatted for a while then sleep..

I still want new iPhone..Hahahahaha.. Ok la, I update la.. Free somemore.. Bluek :p

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I want it.. badly..

Blame ITunes store... They have The Sims 3 worth $9.90.. I want it so badly.. I need a credit card... Sigh.. All in US dollar.. I say lots of game I wanted too.. Monopoly Here and Now Edition.. Too bad and thank god I don't have credit card or I'll splurge like nobody's business..

I'm going back to Setapak tonight and yet I not yet iron my clothes.. Heehee... I'm currently cracking games that I got from Rin and Samantha.. Enjoyed playing game coz it's boring..

I didn't watch my drama yet.. Tempting too but kind of lazy also..

Assignments is kicking in now.. I have to prepared for the worst because my teammate have high commitments.. I'm the back up.. Lolz..

Surprise in the end..

Yesterday,I wake up feeling tired and hungry.. Haha.. I remembered that I have to wash my clothes so I gather all my clothes and throw into the washing machine.. But then my clothes is too little so I plan to wait for my sis.. Gosh.. She slept until almost 1pm.. Swt.. I had brunch again and then wash my clothes.. Play my game until 2 something then msg my boy but then no reply.. Sad... I continue to play game and online (multi-tasking) until 4pm and feel extremely tired.. I went to bed.. Still no reply.. Sigh.. Sleep lo.. When I was about to sleep, my sis on the songs until very loud.. Cannot sleep again.. When I was about to sleep again, my boy replied... Gosh.. I really need to sleep.. I slept for about half and hour then found out that the songs is getting louder.. I'm so frustrated so I wake up and continue to play game.. Play play play, then I heard someone ring my doorbell.. I wonder who is that and went and have a peek from my room. It was my boy... Gosh..I'm absolutely stunt and happy at the same time.. He didn't tell me he is coming tonight.. My god.. Surprise!!! He was in my house until 11.45pm.. I missed him so much.. *blush* We went to Jusco and had KFC for dinner. Previously, I told him I'm craving for KFC so badly but he said no because I'm still sick. In the end, he still chooses KFC and this means how much he sayang me.. Lolz.. They changed the menu already and it's a new recipe for spicy. Anyhow, I won't be eating KFC's spicy until the original one come back.. It tasted like Murukku.. Yucks.. So not nice... Murukku+chicken??? No way.. I guess in the mean time, I'l ask mummy to fried me chicken.. Taste better. Haha.. I heart my boy so much.. Muackss..

On the other hand, I realized that I'm being tag by Ann baby.. So here we go..

1)Besides your lips , where is the favourite spot to get kissed ?
I'll take neck..

2. How did you feel when you woke up this MORNING ?
Still tired.

3. Who was the last person / people you took a photo WITH ?
Connie and Choon Mei

4. Would you consider yourself SPOILED ?
Yes, very by my dad and bf..oh, and not forgetting sister too.. :p

5. Will you ever donate BLOOD ?
Nope, I think they need to donate back to me in the end..

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite SEX ?
Plenty.. Goh Chung Weng.. Hahahaha..

7. Do you want someone to be DEAD ?
Yup, sometimes I wish she is dead..

8. What does your last text message SAY

9. What are you thinking about right NOW ?
I want to sleep..

1o. Do you want someone to be with you right NOW ?

11. What was the time you went to bed last night ?

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now ?
Alpha Angle.

13. Is someone on your mind right NOW ?
Yeah, always..

14. Who was the last person who text YOU

Now, the next 10 person to be tagged are

1.Wan Huey

2.Sze Jing



5.Choon Mei



8.Hee Boon

9. Pink

10. Alicia

15. Who is no.2 having a relationship WITH ?
Tian Long..

16. Is no.3 a male or a FEMALE ?
Male.. Tall and skinny like a stick

17. If no.7 and no.1 get TOGETHER , would it be a good?
oh my.. I can't imagine..

18. What is no.1 studying?
Mass Communication in Broadcast Communication..

19. When was the last time you chatted with THEM?

20. IS no.4 SINGLE ?

Yes.. My yogurt baby

21. Say something about no.2.
Loud and funny plus pretty

22. What do you think about no.3 & no.6 being TOGETHER ?
Later Janice baby jealous..

23. Describe no.9.
Best friend and partner in crime.. Right darling?

24.What will you do if no.6 and no.7 FIGHT?
Will be absolutely funny

25 . Do you like no.8?
Yes, she is my childhood friend and best friend until now.. I love her blurness..

Friday, June 5, 2009

Another friday..

I'm back to Klang again.. Still sick.. Haha.. I went back with Louis by lrt today.. Thanks to Yogurt's sister in law, Cat for the ride.. :) I fell in love with her Celica(I don't know how to spell) It is so cool.. Lolz.. We went to Jusco and had lunch then Louis and I walked to Public Bank (he wanted to pay fees) but the bank is full.. Go home lo.. Tired like hell when I boarded into lrt.. Oh, the machine eats up Louis RM1.. Haha...... Bad luck? Maybe.. I guess coz he stick to me too much d.. Oopss.. Sorry Louis.. He was kind enough to accompany me actually.. He wanted to take bus instead but I asked him to accompany me coz I was sick and I''m scared that I might fainted.. :p..

He went off at Pasar Seni.. I continued my journey until KL Sentral.. Just one station after Pasar Seni for anyone who didn't know it. I rushed to ktm line and I guess I'm just plain lucky coz train arrived after 5 minutes.. I went in and sat beside an uncle.. He asked me questions and we chatted.. He is from Seremban and took train to Klang.. What a long journey..

I bought my sister a b'day from Jusco.. I got the idea of buying her cake is because it was her b'day few days ago and I wasn't here.. I got this idea when I shower.. Shower is always a way to make me think.. Haha.. Just a simple mango mousse cake.. She haven't blow the candle yet because ah boy(my younger brother) suggested we wait for our parents..

By the way, I'm getting closer with Derek recently.. We talked, joked and laugh in class.. We hang out too (during free time between classes) and we are in the same group for assignment.. 1 assignment only so far.. But I guess there will be more to go.. He is nice and funny.. I guess I misunderstand him last time.. Sorry Derek.. I enjoying making more friends.. Hehe.. But B-Gang is always the best and I'm waiting for time to hang out again.. Lolz.. They back me up no matter what happened.. Good luck in OO and TT night, my dear babies.. And don't forget to get me tickets.. Thanks..

My bf cannot fetch me back again.. But this makes me independent again.. I know you are busy but all I wanted to say is I MISS YOU so much..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

2nd week of college

It's been so long since I last updated my blog. 5 days? I'm now sitting in my college's canteen typing this. 2nd week is tough for me as my class is either canceled or stuck in between. It's so frustrating and I cannot even went out with my friends.. For my assignments, I guess I have to changed member.. Lolz.. Unfortunately, I have to be in the same group with someone in Drama assignment.. Just bear with it..
Damm, my Restaurant City is not working.. Hate it.. I miss the Internet and of coz my home.. The weather here is so hot that I have to shower every few hours.. Sigh.. It's been 4 days since I last saw my boy.. I miss him... But I know he is busy working so I shouldn't make any fuss..

And not forgetting, I'm sick since Monday.. I'm having sore throat and flu and eventually lost my voice.. Until today, I've finally gained back my voice but still with little bit of sore throat.. My sickness is been on and off.. Consider I'm not fully recovered.. Gosh.. But I guess tomorrow will be better..

Gotta go now, Louis went home d so I'm alone.. Better get going.. Toddles.