Friday, June 26, 2009


My oh my.. I am currently in cafeteria killing time.. I still got 1 hour b4 my class starts. Disaster.. I'm so so tired. Mainly because I'm lack of sleeps.. I watched Transformer on Wednesday, midnight with my boy. I watched till 3.15am.. Can you imagine? But the movie is good.. I liked it.. I would watch it again thou.. Lolz.. Too bad, the aftermath is killing me. I'm so lack of sleep for days..
The weather been crazy these few days. Hot weather and suddenly raining cat and dogs. Gosh, I might sick anytime soon which I know I can't.. I heard rumors that SBS students get H1N1 but I don't know if it is true..

O, breaking news!! Michael Jackson passed away this morning at 5.21am, Malaysian time. What a waste and sudden right? ANyway, rest in peace.. No more plastic surgery k..

I don't have mood to study nor doing assignments.. Sigh... What is wrong with me? Wake up!!

My sis text me yesterday telling me that she got my bag already. Yippie.. Will post pictures about it later..

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