Thursday, June 11, 2009

New iPhone 3G S

I was so shock to see the new iPhone 3G S.. Much more feature and most importantly is 32GB..Omg.. Tempting and the feature.. I guess I can get more by updating my software.. I want i want and I want.. Hahahahha..

I'm currently in Yogurt's house watching some funny drama.. We are here to kill time.. I went to Jusco at 10am for breakfast and came back late for class.. My tutor is so angry that they scolded my classmates but not us, who are late.. Sorry mates.. Samantha went home today, jealousnya.. I also want to go home.. Tired ler, having 8am class today.. Sleepy.................................................

I want to go out and watch movie, sing k or something but then schedule sucks.. No time to go.. Like yesterday, my class starts at 2pm and straight till 8pm.. Wow, wat a long 6 hours.. My boy came and have dinner with me.. To my surprise, he packs me dinner already.. Ok, his boss pack dinner for them then he give me la.. I eat it in his car.. Hahahaha.. He accompany me until almost 10pm then he left.. He came because he know no one had dinner with me. Sweet.. Love him love him.. I'm so tired after that, shower, and then waiting for his call.. He didn't call, ok lo.. I call him.. Hahahaha.. Chatted for a while then sleep..

I still want new iPhone..Hahahahaha.. Ok la, I update la.. Free somemore.. Bluek :p

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