Sunday, June 7, 2009

I want it.. badly..

Blame ITunes store... They have The Sims 3 worth $9.90.. I want it so badly.. I need a credit card... Sigh.. All in US dollar.. I say lots of game I wanted too.. Monopoly Here and Now Edition.. Too bad and thank god I don't have credit card or I'll splurge like nobody's business..

I'm going back to Setapak tonight and yet I not yet iron my clothes.. Heehee... I'm currently cracking games that I got from Rin and Samantha.. Enjoyed playing game coz it's boring..

I didn't watch my drama yet.. Tempting too but kind of lazy also..

Assignments is kicking in now.. I have to prepared for the worst because my teammate have high commitments.. I'm the back up.. Lolz..

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