Friday, June 5, 2009

Another friday..

I'm back to Klang again.. Still sick.. Haha.. I went back with Louis by lrt today.. Thanks to Yogurt's sister in law, Cat for the ride.. :) I fell in love with her Celica(I don't know how to spell) It is so cool.. Lolz.. We went to Jusco and had lunch then Louis and I walked to Public Bank (he wanted to pay fees) but the bank is full.. Go home lo.. Tired like hell when I boarded into lrt.. Oh, the machine eats up Louis RM1.. Haha...... Bad luck? Maybe.. I guess coz he stick to me too much d.. Oopss.. Sorry Louis.. He was kind enough to accompany me actually.. He wanted to take bus instead but I asked him to accompany me coz I was sick and I''m scared that I might fainted.. :p..

He went off at Pasar Seni.. I continued my journey until KL Sentral.. Just one station after Pasar Seni for anyone who didn't know it. I rushed to ktm line and I guess I'm just plain lucky coz train arrived after 5 minutes.. I went in and sat beside an uncle.. He asked me questions and we chatted.. He is from Seremban and took train to Klang.. What a long journey..

I bought my sister a b'day from Jusco.. I got the idea of buying her cake is because it was her b'day few days ago and I wasn't here.. I got this idea when I shower.. Shower is always a way to make me think.. Haha.. Just a simple mango mousse cake.. She haven't blow the candle yet because ah boy(my younger brother) suggested we wait for our parents..

By the way, I'm getting closer with Derek recently.. We talked, joked and laugh in class.. We hang out too (during free time between classes) and we are in the same group for assignment.. 1 assignment only so far.. But I guess there will be more to go.. He is nice and funny.. I guess I misunderstand him last time.. Sorry Derek.. I enjoying making more friends.. Hehe.. But B-Gang is always the best and I'm waiting for time to hang out again.. Lolz.. They back me up no matter what happened.. Good luck in OO and TT night, my dear babies.. And don't forget to get me tickets.. Thanks..

My bf cannot fetch me back again.. But this makes me independent again.. I know you are busy but all I wanted to say is I MISS YOU so much..

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