Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pissed off..

Yes.. I was so pissed off yesterday. Since Wednesday, I didn't had enough sleep.. Class ended at 8pm on Wednesday, went to dinner then shower and sleep.. 8am class on Thursday and only get back around 5 something.. Gosh.. Tired.. Busy here and there and chatted on the phone with my boy until 1am.. Friday, 10am class.. I'm soooooooooo tired.. Somemore breaks so many hours.. Fine.. The 1st hour, I went for lunch with Madeline and gang.. Then English class for 1 hour.. Then break for another 3 hours.. Louis and I went to Yogurt's house. We bought cendol on our way there because weather is freaking hot.. Had fun chatting, playing ps2 and eating cendol. Still very tired.. Get our ass back to college around 4.45pm to attend class.. Got rumours that class will be devided into 2 session.. I reach college at 4.55pm..Audio lab was locked.. We knocked the door and Justin came out and said the tutor asked us to go back at 6pm.. Walao.. 1 freaking hour.. I'm so pissed and it is so unfair... We were not even late.. Waited for a whole 1 hour in cafeteria.. Hot hot and temper rises too.. Can boil water with it.. Anyway, next week we will be divided into 4 session.. Will see if luck is on my side.. Stress... I find myself very hard to concentrate in lecture which is very bad.. Late classes makes me tired.. I just have to find a way to concentrate.. I didn't want to repeat..

I've been spending more time with Yogurt baby.. I misses my Young baby and Ann baby... Our time clashes so it's quite hard to actually hanging out.. Time and OO night..Just have to wait until OO night ends.. Like I said earlier, I have been spending time with Derek lately.. Have fun with all the craziness.. I'm just waiting for the reunion of B-Gang.. Lolz.. Class schedule makes me couldn't keep up with my life and entertainment of coz.. But tha also makes me a good girl and save money.. Cash.. I will find a part time job if I'm free..

On the other hand, i've been spending more time with my boy.. 3 out of 7 days? Improvement coz previously he only manage to spend a day with me and I have to go back by myself.. This week, I feel pampered again.. Like what I mentioned earlier, he send me dinner on Wednesday and send me home.. Or should I say I send myself home coz I'm the one driving.. Lolz.. He don't really allowed me to speed but I curi-curi speed la yesterday while he was asleep.. Which actually not coz he knew what I'm doing.. He puts the Christmas bear on the speed meter and I acted like I don't know coz I can't see the speed meter.. But that mighty boy knew how much I speed.. Of coz la, it's his car.. But tw?>hen, he didn't sound but just laugh when I act innocent.. I think I have to brush up my driving skill especially with manual driving.. Haha.. Friends will know what happened last week when I'm driving manual.. Lolz..

Question : What would you do if your bf/gf wanted to find a second gf/bf (二奶)?

For me, I couldn't answer this question because I don't know how to react.. Maybe I will accept and maybe I won't. But actually how many people can accept this in modern era? Haha.. Maybe if my bf shared his second gf with me then I'll consider.. B-gang will know why.. But of coz the girl have to attracted to me also la.. It's very hard to find a girl that can capture my attention.. Boo~ Too bad..

My tutor for Radion & DJ asked us to brush up our vocals as a preparation for our assignments.. I realized that I couldn't sing well after my sore throat.. How? Sing everyday or read everyday? Lolz.. I know! Maybe shout everyday.. I guess I will eventually lost my voice.. I'm amazed by the audio lab and of coz the equipment.. But I couldn't remember all the steps.. I need a reference book.

Remember I said I want to update my iPhone software in the previous post? My boy received a message from Maxis saying they will send us an instalation disc for FREE.. But it only available at 18th of June which a day later than US.. I have to wait for them to send me the disk.. I wonder how long will it take.. Most importantly, I want to know if they support thetering.. I want that so badly.. So that I can online using my laptop.. Muahahahaha..... If don't have then I will cry..... Please Maxis, support that service k? Thank you...

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