Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tired but happy at the same time..

I finally updated my iPhone's software.. It's so cool when I finally can send mms, forward message (like wtf right?), voice recording and most importantly, Internet Tethering.. Yes, finally I'm able to online using my laptop.. I can do more things this way..

On the other hand, I found my belt this morning.. Erm, should I say my sister found it? Looks like my stuff is running back to me.. Good, I don't have to look for them like mad..

My weekdays is quite good in terms of spending more time with my B-Gang.. Except for my Ann baby.. ANN BABY, I MISS YOU!! I'm sure she will she this.. I'm driving on Monday and Tuesday mainly because my boy cannot fetch me.. Few times almost bang another car because I was careless.. My fault, sorry Louis, Madeline, Connie, Choon Mei and Justin for scaring all of you.. I don't have class until 8pm on Wednesday because it is replaced on Monday. I had dinner in my room that night because Rin ate already.. I'm tired that day with the stupid discussion from drama.. Headache after I finished my class.. And most importantly, when I asked Melvyn to read A Streetcar Named Desire so that we can choose which scene to act, the answer he gave me was you decide la.. Fuck you! If Alicia, I can understand because she is busy with the sponsorship for OO night but a security do at this time? Nothing.. He only gets busy on the actual night.. I was pissed.. I swear, next time even if I have to do it alone, I won't be in the same group with him anymore.. I tried my best to finished and finally decided on scene 2,3 and 4. At the same time, we found out that we actually must hand in our Radio & DJ assignment next week which we do nothing until this point.
8am class on Thursday and Louis is late for 1 hour.. We make him do the memo the moment he arrived and he got mad about it.. I sense the anger and asked Derek not to disturb him just in case he kena scold for nothing. In the end of the class, Louis actually yell at the class because no one pays attention when he makes announcement. WHole class was stunt except me because I expected it.. Sorry, Louis baby, I promise no next time k.. We went to Old-Town after class and I updated my software there.. Happy!! We rushed back to class for a quiz which I finished in 5 minutes. We went to Jalan Ipoh and then lunch.. LAst minute, they said wanted to go to Pavilion and we went. Louis and Hui Bee is forced to try on clothes.. Fun but then I forgot to inform my boy about me going out and it upset him.. Sorry.. I know I've been doing it many times but I will try... Friday, attend practical class and then replace E2's English class.. After class, I went to lunch with young baby and yogurt baby in Sri Rampai.. Not very nice but acceptable.. Fetched Erika and we make lots of noise in the car.. Lolz.. Went back to college after that because Derek is waiting for me, Louis baby is waiting for Young baby and Wayne is waiting for Yogurt baby.. Hahahaha.. I went to library with Derek trying to come up with an station ID but failed.. We dig out all the Radio & DJ books and almost fall asleep with them.. Louis baby called and said they are done therefore, we pack and went out to meet them. We went to Jusco.. Louis is in bad mood so he ate a lot.. Hahahahahah.. We went to arcade to play photo hunt.. Around 4.40pm we went back to college to attend class.. E4 students is in the room and the programs fails on us. We restart and all but still no use. We gave up at 5.30 sharp and left. Yogurt bay came and we talked and joke in the pondok. Louis baby bought Big Apple Doughnut and he gave me one.. Thanks baby. After all the chatting, I went back to hostel and pack. I finished reading my books while waiting for my boy to pick me up.. I'm tired these few days because I don't sleep well and spend lots of time running around KL..

Weekends.. I have the love hate relationship with weekends. Mainly because I can relax but feel boring and lazy on weekends. Arghh.. I don't know. I guess I just need to plasn for the whole drama thingy again.. Great, there goes my weekends.. Boy, I just wanted to splurge like nobody's business... But I'm broke. Damm it.. Credits to my collection of books.. Lolz..

To all my B-gang baby, 加油了.. Love you all, muackss..

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