Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little bit of myself!

It's Wednesday and I had only one class which falls on 6pm-8pm.. Suck right? My 'dear' Ms Chan canceled all her class this week. I still haven't get my coursework outline; how am I supposed to start my assignment? It's week 5 and I haven't done a single shit. I'm so under stress!!!!

Plus plus my boy's birthday is in approximately 2 weeks time.. Lagi stress!! I don't know what to buy for him yet..

I'm like having one class per day this week.. Gosh!! What is wrong? Cancellation happens and then replacement next.. Hated lecturer/tutor so much..

Whee~~~ Transformer tonight!! Can't wait coz it's been so long since I watch movie with my boy.. Heart him so much!

Saya punya Gang, bila mahu keluar sama-sama?

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