Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Facebook is such a pain in the ass!!

Facebook is such a pain in the ass today.. I wanted to harvest my plant but just couldn't log in. When I finally get to log in, my plant expired.. @!$#@$%&^%&*&... Everything is just not right.. My 1st day of menstrual equals to bad cramp day.. But at least I'm happy... Certain ppl will know why.. lolz.. Facebook is getting worse I think and soon, it will turn into Friendster No.2... Whatever.. I deleted people that I don't know because no point adding people you don't know,right?

Weather is hot like usual.. I guess tomorrow will be better as I'm going to Genting for a 2days 1 night trip.. And I'm gonna go casino.. I'm legal but got no chance to go.. So, casino here I come.. My Penang trip is canceled but no worries, we will make it up next semester break.. Right, Leong Wan Huey? I was kinda disappointed but then my boy said he will bring me there.. I will wait.. I wonder when is the next time he will have such a long break? College gonna start next week and reunited with my B-gang baby.. I can't wait to hang out with them again.. I miss them so much.. I miss all the crazy sing k, shopping, food hunt and movie marathon.. The 1st week of college means our waste money week.. Lolz.. It's a tradition that we went crazy the whole week and then back to study mode the following week.. We will not break the tradition, baby.. Agree?

My brother is finally back tonight with surprise.. Can't wait!! *laughs* I miss my brother and scared at the same time.. Results is coming out and he will be in Malaysia when the result came out.. I'm scared that I might screwed up.. *pray hard*

Oh, and not forgetting to date our lovely Ms Loh.. We couldn't go after exam so we will made it up in the 1st week..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stepping out of the house is a bliss..

I finally stepped out of the house after so many days staying in.. Oh, yesterday I went out too but to fetch my beloved brother to tuition so that doesn't count k.. Today, I went to Cheras to fetch my cousin with my dad and aunt.. Then we headed to Petaling Street because daddy wanted to stock up and aunt wanted to buy bags.. It is not the holiday that I desired but at least I stepped out of the house.. (I sounds so pathetic) The main reason is because daddy's car is sent to repair and paint.. So no car for few weeks.. No car means no transport.. Basically, I'm home all the time since holiday started..

Ok ok.. After that, we went to Kota Kemuning to taste the duck noodle.. I must said, that is the first and the last.. The taste of the soup is not my liking... Maybe I will have their wan tan noodle.. It tastes much better.. I'm just not into herbs and ginger type of person.. We reached home around 4 something.. Tired but still enjoy..

I spend half the day chatting with kc.. Hehe.. Both also stay at home doing nothing.. I enjoyed chatting with him.. Funny and it made my day.. Btw, today is his mum's birthday..
Happy birthday, kui cheng mama!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boring sial!!

Pictures!! I realized that my blog is lack of pictures again.. Well, I need more.. But being stuck at home means no pictures.. Maybe I can snatch my Velvet and simply snap some pictures? Nah, he is smart enough to turn around.. Boring sial!!

Cousin text me yesterday asking me if I would like to go to Genting today.. I wanted too but too bad, I had plans waiting for me so I have to give up on that trip..

Well, I think I just have to update when I got things to write..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

How I survive on Raya!!

I'm watching Little Nyonya during my Raya holiday.. It's a very touching story on how Nyonya survived in her own family... Both Yue Niang and Ju Xiang were mistreat by their family just because Ju Xiang's mother was the second wife.. Both Yue Niang and her mother thinks that women can control their destiny and they both fight for it..

I know this drama is very long d, but I just don't have the time to watch.. So now it's the time to catch up.. So basically, I spent the whole Sunday at home watching drama with my boy accompanying me.. He is having off day.. Tomorrow, he will be heading to Port Dickson for his company trip.. I want to go too.. *cry*

Another good news.. My korkor is coming back on the 30th of September.. He will be staying for 20days this time.. It is consider long coz the longest he stayed was 2 weeks and so.. I guess mummy gonna make lots of good dishes to welcome him home.. *happy*

Although I stayed home, but I still get the taste of Raya.. My grandma's neighbour was a Muslim so she make us nasi kunyit, rendang, ketupat and satay kuah... Yummy.. We love her rendang since young.. She's an old women with superb memory.. She can still remembers me although she didn't see me for a very long time.. She is friendly too.. Hehe..

Back to my Little Nyonya!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Holiday, just stay as long as you can!

Finally, I'm free from exam.. Yahoo~~~~ Seriously, exam is killing me.. I wonder if I'm doing alright this exam.. Kinda worry about that.. But I guess I just need to totally make good use of my holidays first, right? My brother is coming back on 1st of October.. Hehe...

How am I supposed to make good use of my holiday? Drama? Movie? Vacation? Oh my god, I just want everything.. I can't wait to start my drama.. But first of all, I need a lot of rest which means sleep sleep and sleep.. Hahahahahaha....

Holiday, I'm deeply in love with you!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Home is the major distraction

Home is a distraction..I've been slacking so much at home.. I cannot manage to study, not at home.. I'm going back to hostel around evening.. And I guess I can study tonight.. My PPS is finally working and I can read the chinese words instead of signs.. Lolz.. I didn't realized that my brother went to school already until I woke up this morning.. Normally, I'm back to hostel on Sunday so I'm not really used to staying at home during weekdays.. Gosh, I hate MNG so much.. How am I supposed to study? I need to love it very very much until I finish exam..

Another week without my lovely lappie... I will miss you very much... I want to stay away from the book and watch drama.. But I can't... Sad case.. Derek is going to Sunway Pyramid today for skating.. I want to go also.. :(

I don't know what happened to my gums recently.. It is so painful for me to eat.. Maybe I don't drink enough water, that is why.. Am I going to sick? Hell no.. I didn't want spend my holiday on the bed.. I want a holiday, a vacation, a run away or whatsoever..

Anyway, kor kor is coming back the soon.. Somewhere around the 1st week of October.. Can't wait to see him because we might have a surprise.. Hehe.. I will reveal if we really have that surprise..

Last but not least, wish me luck in my exam.. And I wish my Wan Huey baby the very very good luck in her paper tmr.. Muackss. LOve you..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A long long journey!

Finally, after soooooo many days of studying and all, I'm back home.. For 2 days.. Hahahaha.. I still got one more papers left which is MNG.. Nah, not that MNG is Malaysia's National Goals and Programmes.. I took so long to finaly get the subject's name.. Yeah, pathetic I know but then it's an agrucultural subject and I don't see how it is related to Broadcasting... I was reading blogs and come across something which is interesting.. One of the blog that I read was Ee Von's blog and she did videos with 40 expression which is hilarious.. It made my day tho... I will try it out someday after my exams..

Few days ago, I lost interest in studies and I couldn't study for my drama no matter how much I wanted to.. *bang heads few times* In the end, I think I kinda screwed the paper but not very sure because we don't know how the lecturer is going to mark the paper.. We will see.. Styles of study should be changed next semester.. Gawd, I talk about that all the time but never really did it.. I guess this is really the time to change..

A day b4 my drama paper, I had an argument with my bf.. Of coz, the aftermath hits me real hard.. I totally lost the mood to study although we did made it up.. Suddenly, I think a lot.. Of all the causes and effects which give me this results. Arghh.. I don't know but it seems like I'm not good enough.. No, he is not complaining.. Just me who thinks I didn't comtribute much in these relationship.. I should be awake and do something, right?

Last wednesday, after my radio & dj paper, we as in me, wh and yogurt went to Erika's house to play with her husky.. They are so adorable until you can die for it.. Below is a picture of Yogurt and the baby husky.. They brighten our day and I hope they brighten you day as well..

They look so much alike, don't they?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Phew, finally finished 3 papers and only 2 more left.. But i think it will not be an easy paper.. My oh my.. I got no idea how to start studying my drama.. The very difficult part is textual evidence.. I don't even have Emily of Emerald Hill..*smack head* I sleep for don't know how many hours but still feel like sleeping... Geez.. What is wrong with me? I'm actually very jealous of students who took chinese coz they don't have to study.. I want to relax also.. But i can't.. I know if i relax then I won't have the mood to study again.. Which means I can only relax after my exams..

My papers were alright.. Everything that I study came out.. I should be happy right? But no coz the marks is so weird.. Just pray for the best thing to happen.. After exam we as in Wh, Erika, Yogurt and I went to Ampang and had lunch then we went to Erika's house to play with the husky.. SOOOOO CUTEEE.. Then we went back to hostel so that Erika can study while Wh and I sleeps.. So bad I know but we were too tired studying the night b4.. So sorry, Erika!! Hehe..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

English paper!

I screwed up my English paper today.. I couldn't come up with any idea for the essay!!! Arghh!! I'm so angry of myself!! The comprehension part is so so tough.. That was the 1st English paper I took in my diploma so far.. Ish ish!! Think from the bright side and study for my other paper!!

I must not disappoint Miss Loh....
I must score!!