Monday, September 14, 2009

Home is the major distraction

Home is a distraction..I've been slacking so much at home.. I cannot manage to study, not at home.. I'm going back to hostel around evening.. And I guess I can study tonight.. My PPS is finally working and I can read the chinese words instead of signs.. Lolz.. I didn't realized that my brother went to school already until I woke up this morning.. Normally, I'm back to hostel on Sunday so I'm not really used to staying at home during weekdays.. Gosh, I hate MNG so much.. How am I supposed to study? I need to love it very very much until I finish exam..

Another week without my lovely lappie... I will miss you very much... I want to stay away from the book and watch drama.. But I can't... Sad case.. Derek is going to Sunway Pyramid today for skating.. I want to go also.. :(

I don't know what happened to my gums recently.. It is so painful for me to eat.. Maybe I don't drink enough water, that is why.. Am I going to sick? Hell no.. I didn't want spend my holiday on the bed.. I want a holiday, a vacation, a run away or whatsoever..

Anyway, kor kor is coming back the soon.. Somewhere around the 1st week of October.. Can't wait to see him because we might have a surprise.. Hehe.. I will reveal if we really have that surprise..

Last but not least, wish me luck in my exam.. And I wish my Wan Huey baby the very very good luck in her paper tmr.. Muackss. LOve you..

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