Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stepping out of the house is a bliss..

I finally stepped out of the house after so many days staying in.. Oh, yesterday I went out too but to fetch my beloved brother to tuition so that doesn't count k.. Today, I went to Cheras to fetch my cousin with my dad and aunt.. Then we headed to Petaling Street because daddy wanted to stock up and aunt wanted to buy bags.. It is not the holiday that I desired but at least I stepped out of the house.. (I sounds so pathetic) The main reason is because daddy's car is sent to repair and paint.. So no car for few weeks.. No car means no transport.. Basically, I'm home all the time since holiday started..

Ok ok.. After that, we went to Kota Kemuning to taste the duck noodle.. I must said, that is the first and the last.. The taste of the soup is not my liking... Maybe I will have their wan tan noodle.. It tastes much better.. I'm just not into herbs and ginger type of person.. We reached home around 4 something.. Tired but still enjoy..

I spend half the day chatting with kc.. Hehe.. Both also stay at home doing nothing.. I enjoyed chatting with him.. Funny and it made my day.. Btw, today is his mum's birthday..
Happy birthday, kui cheng mama!!

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