Sunday, September 13, 2009

A long long journey!

Finally, after soooooo many days of studying and all, I'm back home.. For 2 days.. Hahahaha.. I still got one more papers left which is MNG.. Nah, not that MNG is Malaysia's National Goals and Programmes.. I took so long to finaly get the subject's name.. Yeah, pathetic I know but then it's an agrucultural subject and I don't see how it is related to Broadcasting... I was reading blogs and come across something which is interesting.. One of the blog that I read was Ee Von's blog and she did videos with 40 expression which is hilarious.. It made my day tho... I will try it out someday after my exams..

Few days ago, I lost interest in studies and I couldn't study for my drama no matter how much I wanted to.. *bang heads few times* In the end, I think I kinda screwed the paper but not very sure because we don't know how the lecturer is going to mark the paper.. We will see.. Styles of study should be changed next semester.. Gawd, I talk about that all the time but never really did it.. I guess this is really the time to change..

A day b4 my drama paper, I had an argument with my bf.. Of coz, the aftermath hits me real hard.. I totally lost the mood to study although we did made it up.. Suddenly, I think a lot.. Of all the causes and effects which give me this results. Arghh.. I don't know but it seems like I'm not good enough.. No, he is not complaining.. Just me who thinks I didn't comtribute much in these relationship.. I should be awake and do something, right?

Last wednesday, after my radio & dj paper, we as in me, wh and yogurt went to Erika's house to play with her husky.. They are so adorable until you can die for it.. Below is a picture of Yogurt and the baby husky.. They brighten our day and I hope they brighten you day as well..

They look so much alike, don't they?

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