Thursday, September 10, 2009


Phew, finally finished 3 papers and only 2 more left.. But i think it will not be an easy paper.. My oh my.. I got no idea how to start studying my drama.. The very difficult part is textual evidence.. I don't even have Emily of Emerald Hill..*smack head* I sleep for don't know how many hours but still feel like sleeping... Geez.. What is wrong with me? I'm actually very jealous of students who took chinese coz they don't have to study.. I want to relax also.. But i can't.. I know if i relax then I won't have the mood to study again.. Which means I can only relax after my exams..

My papers were alright.. Everything that I study came out.. I should be happy right? But no coz the marks is so weird.. Just pray for the best thing to happen.. After exam we as in Wh, Erika, Yogurt and I went to Ampang and had lunch then we went to Erika's house to play with the husky.. SOOOOO CUTEEE.. Then we went back to hostel so that Erika can study while Wh and I sleeps.. So bad I know but we were too tired studying the night b4.. So sorry, Erika!! Hehe..

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