Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Facebook is such a pain in the ass!!

Facebook is such a pain in the ass today.. I wanted to harvest my plant but just couldn't log in. When I finally get to log in, my plant expired.. @!$#@$%&^%&*&... Everything is just not right.. My 1st day of menstrual equals to bad cramp day.. But at least I'm happy... Certain ppl will know why.. lolz.. Facebook is getting worse I think and soon, it will turn into Friendster No.2... Whatever.. I deleted people that I don't know because no point adding people you don't know,right?

Weather is hot like usual.. I guess tomorrow will be better as I'm going to Genting for a 2days 1 night trip.. And I'm gonna go casino.. I'm legal but got no chance to go.. So, casino here I come.. My Penang trip is canceled but no worries, we will make it up next semester break.. Right, Leong Wan Huey? I was kinda disappointed but then my boy said he will bring me there.. I will wait.. I wonder when is the next time he will have such a long break? College gonna start next week and reunited with my B-gang baby.. I can't wait to hang out with them again.. I miss them so much.. I miss all the crazy sing k, shopping, food hunt and movie marathon.. The 1st week of college means our waste money week.. Lolz.. It's a tradition that we went crazy the whole week and then back to study mode the following week.. We will not break the tradition, baby.. Agree?

My brother is finally back tonight with surprise.. Can't wait!! *laughs* I miss my brother and scared at the same time.. Results is coming out and he will be in Malaysia when the result came out.. I'm scared that I might screwed up.. *pray hard*

Oh, and not forgetting to date our lovely Ms Loh.. We couldn't go after exam so we will made it up in the 1st week..

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