Sunday, September 20, 2009

How I survive on Raya!!

I'm watching Little Nyonya during my Raya holiday.. It's a very touching story on how Nyonya survived in her own family... Both Yue Niang and Ju Xiang were mistreat by their family just because Ju Xiang's mother was the second wife.. Both Yue Niang and her mother thinks that women can control their destiny and they both fight for it..

I know this drama is very long d, but I just don't have the time to watch.. So now it's the time to catch up.. So basically, I spent the whole Sunday at home watching drama with my boy accompanying me.. He is having off day.. Tomorrow, he will be heading to Port Dickson for his company trip.. I want to go too.. *cry*

Another good news.. My korkor is coming back on the 30th of September.. He will be staying for 20days this time.. It is consider long coz the longest he stayed was 2 weeks and so.. I guess mummy gonna make lots of good dishes to welcome him home.. *happy*

Although I stayed home, but I still get the taste of Raya.. My grandma's neighbour was a Muslim so she make us nasi kunyit, rendang, ketupat and satay kuah... Yummy.. We love her rendang since young.. She's an old women with superb memory.. She can still remembers me although she didn't see me for a very long time.. She is friendly too.. Hehe..

Back to my Little Nyonya!!

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