Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last day of the year

It's the time of the year again.. New Year's Eve..
This year particularly, I feel nothing about New Year's Eve.. Maybe I'm old and lost the passion to party on New Year's Eve..LOL.. But the main reason is I'm having a baby right now so it's not a right time to party and go places that is super crowded. And another reason is my best friend's father passed away due to cancer. I cannot attend his funeral because I'm pregnant. I feel extremely bad because I know this is the hardest time to go through as I just go through it 2 months ago. always unpredictable. The time when we thought it will be better, it becomes the worse..

I attended my cousin's wedding (bride side) yesterday and my grandma suddenly asked my aunt why my dad didn't go and fetch her.. When I heard that, my heart shattered.. Sometimes she remembers and sometimes she don't. Sad to hear that..

Anyway, I hope that 2012 will be a better year for me, my family and also my friends.. I will definitely miss my friends a lot..

Monday, December 26, 2011

Don't mess with me

I finally went home last weekend.. I went home for a while only last 2 weekends because I got things to do. It was a very nice feeling being home again but yeah, shits happened. I just don't understand why you all like to bully my mum and still thinks that you are right. Sorry, I cannot tolerate with this because I've lost my dad and the only thing I can do now is to protect my mum. No matter what happens, I will have my mum's back. So, don't play with fire as I'm not a very good person for you all to deal with.

Just one weekends makes me realized that I always deals with shitty people.. Shitty peoples as in people with shitty attitude. Yeah, I've met a lot of people like this. So, when exactly do they leave me in peace? People that I always thought I can count on and trust will ended up becomes the ones that hurts me the most. So, do I still value friendship? Yes, very very much as I still have a bunch of best friends that have my back. As for family, we still have a strong family bond with each other and I can always go back to them just like how I always go back to daddy last time.

I talked to my sister last weekend and realized that my siblings and I are facing difficulties accepting the facts that dad is gone. The pillar of my family suddenly left and we are so lost because he is the one settling everything for us everytime we face problems. I know time will heal but the emptiness is there. Maybe after my baby is born, it will fills my heart a little.

I will not tolerate with these kind of people anymore as in friends or anyone else. Maybe you can say that I'm very cruel but do bear in mind that things that you all did to me is many times more cruel. If I can take it like a man, why can't you? Just stop feeling sorry for me because I don't need it anymore. I can still survive very well because I have other people that appreciate me as who I am.

Monday, December 5, 2011

One month anniversary

Exactly one month ago, I GOT MARRIED.. I know I'm late to announce this but I got too many things to handle at one time. If you read my previous post, you will figure it out..

Anyway, I'm thankful and happy that my friends and family was here that day to celebrate my big day. Biggest regret will definitely the absence of my daddy but I know he is there, in our heart. My wedding did not have games and all but my friends makes it happy and memorable for me. Thanks ji muis! I didn't got married from my house due to daddy's death so i went and rent a room in Premier Hotel. It was tiring but I had lots of fun. Yeah, emotion ups and downs in one week is freaking tired. I guess my family is tired too but they are all there to witness my important day.

After one month, I still cannot believe that I'm married. Basically, I still live like before, studying and went home as usual. LOL. Pictures are all in facebook which includes my wedding pictures as well.
I got to know some nice people from the bridal shop that I went. One will be the girl that serve me, Suet and also the make up artist, Penny. They were really helpful and caring.. I feel blessed.. Other than that, throughout the whole process of preparation, my hubby did most of the work while me, giving opinion. Thank you, lou gong for everything. Muackss.

My husband's family
His heng tai!
Vs my ji muis
my family
Lastly, us..

Happy one month anniversary..

Saturday, November 19, 2011


1st of November 2011
Is the day you left us. FOREVER..
It was your lunar birthday that day and the whole family promised to celebrate your birthday with you in the hospital. We went but couldn't sing you a birthday song as you were not feeling well. The moment I stepped into your ward, I feel scared. No, I'm not scared of you but scared that you will leave us. I pray so hard so that it will not happen as I'm really not ready to let you go. I guess that goes the same with everyone else. We waited until 9pm before mum decided that we just cut the cake and give it to others due to you worsen condition. However, bro, Chee How insisted on blowing the cake because it was your wish. It could be your last wish though. So, we lighten up the candle and brought in the cake. Bro told you the name of people in the room which is mum, How, Rong, Hsia, Boy, Ling and Jerry and you nodded. Each of us wished you Happy Birthday, daddy without the b'day song because we couldn't sing it. You tried to breathe hard enough to blow the candle but you can't. Instead, 4 of your children blow it for you, fulfilling your wish. The guard came in out of sudden and chase us out. The visiting hour is over but the guard seldom come and chase people out. Chee How told the guard that you are in critical condition but the guard insist that we either leave or wait outside. Not having any choices, we left reluctantly. How and I plan to go to hospital early morning to meet with the doctor to discuss if is it ok if you discharge. But you didn't give us a chance to do so. I was about to reach Prima Setapak where I received a call from Hsia saying that you have passed away. I don't know how to react and tears just drop. After hanging up, I told Boy the news and rushed Jerry to fetch us back to hospital. When we reached, I thought my siblings are already there but no, only mum and my uncle is there. I went into your ward calmly but couldn't hold my tears when I saw you lying down on the bed with your eyes close. My heart shattered into pieces. Knowing that you already left us forever makes me cry harder. You will not response to any of my actions anymore.. Losing you is like losing everything..

You are the shelter of my life throughout my 23 years of living. Now that you are gone, I find it very hard to accept. During the 3 days of your funeral, each time when I stand next to your coffin and look at you, I will cry because you left and will not come back anymore. Not being to talk to you every weekend when I'm back home and no one to listen to my ranting. You played an important part in my life. Everyone that knows me long enough will know that. I'm always a daddy's girl. Everytime when I faced any problem, I will run back to you because I know you will comfort me and find me a solution without fail. I miss your smile, your joke, your temper, and everything about you.

But I know, this is a better option than leaving you suffering. Seeing you in the hospital with all the tubes and injections really breaks my heart. At least now, you are not feeling any pain and you are free from disease. You are really a good father. Even after you left, you still settle my problem and make everything so smooth for me. You left on the week of my wedding. Initially, I was forced to choose between your funeral and my wedding. I really don't know how to choose but in the end, you make things right again. I can attend both without having to choose either party. Then, you reminded mummy that they have to attend my wedding as well so she came and talk to me about it. However, I cannot make any decision so I make her discuss with bro. She secretly went and talk to you the next morning and asked for your permission is it ok if they all go to my wedding and you said yes instantly.. Thank you daddy for being such a great father.

The impact of your death is so strong that I took weeks to finally being able to write a blog post about you. Even talking about it makes my tears drop. Now, I'm learning to let you go but that doesn't mean I'm forgetting you.. You will still remembered in my heart, forever. We are keeping your picture in the living room so that we can always see you and feel your presence. I promise I will take good care of myself, mummy and other siblings. Rest in peace daddy..

I really miss your smile..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Partly cloudy

My life turns dark suddenly.. It is not the fact that I want or wish to accept. But this is what we called LIFE.. We just have to accept everything that comes to us. Deal with it and go on with life.. But, I'm really really not ready to let go. So, I will just hold on as tight as possible. Maybe it is a very selfish act but I just wants you to stay longer..

I'm finally being able to see you yesterday. You were not the person I used to know anymore.. You are now getting thinner and pale lying on the bed. It hurts me so much seeing you on that bed that I wished it was me so badly. I really wish I can share your pain so that one day, I will be able to see the happy you again.

I really miss the old and healthy you..

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Multitasking is what I'm currently doing.. I have a lot of things in hand and everything seems like never end. I'm stress out already because it's week 6 and I'm still in chapter 1 of my thesis plus my in hand assignment.. I haven't start.. How? I still got wedding coming very very soon.. Arghh.. Every weekend when I'm home, I have to help to do the house chores.. Hmm.. Now, I'm gaining weight and I'm freaking worried about it.. Coz I've gained so many kgs for the past month.. So, it kind of freaks me out.. How how? I need to be calm and relaxing but I just don't feel that way..

Saturday, October 1, 2011

No time no time..

Lots of things happened lately.. I cannot digest everything yet so I've abandoned my blog once again. I guess I need more time.. But I don't know how long will it takes.

I've struggling between studies and wedding preparation. LOL.. I need to find time to do both. It is my final semester so I need to do thesis. The stress level had reach a higher limit. Just last week, I spend 2 hours to choose my wedding dress for photo shooting and wedding day. This week, I spend the whole day doing photo shooting. Now I know that photo shooting is very tiring. But being a typical female, I love changing clothes, putting on make ups and also hair-do.. It is really fun.. So, I really need to focus on my thesis now..

Pictures are lesser in my blog because I seldom take pictures nowadays.. I'm always busy with my task.. Sorry guys..

Lou gong went to Bali last Thursday and will only come back tmr. It is a company trip and I'm missing him so much right now.. =(

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gloomy days

The weather is so so today.. It seems like it will rain but it didn't. The weather actually disappoint me a little. But nevermind. Weather is always unpredictable. Same goes to my mood. I'm feeling tired, moody, depress, and everything negative at the same time. I wonder why. Wake up early in the morning don't know what to do. Then spend the whole day day-dreaming and eating then sleeping. Eating is not satisfying me today. I feel so full and suffer after meal which I don't know why.. There are times I feel like puking. I know it is normal but the kind of feeling making me any better.

Maybe coz my holiday is going to end soon. Maybe coz the weather makes me feel so gloomy. Or maybe it's because my dad who still feeling sick. There are lots of maybe but I don't know exactly why. But anyway, my bestie, Pink just text me and tell me that she is coming to find me. It did brighten me a little. I guess I need some time with my girlfriend. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day for me as I need to pack and ready to go back to KL.. Class is starting next week..

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I'm currently hooked to The Sims Social in Facebook. Yeah, I'm kinda late but better than none right? Finally, I'm off work and back to Klang again. But college is resuming is few day's time. No more living like a queen.. LOL..

My first week of holiday is basically living like a queen. I sleep, eat, watch drama, chat with parents and went shopping with sis. After living like a queen for more than a week, I was starting to busy again. First, I had my R.O.M.. You did not read it wrongly.. I'm legally married.. It's kind of shocking but at least I'm happy. So now left the Chinese ceremony.. I wonder if I'm married or not.. LOL.. Then, I went to Ipoh with hubby to meet someone. The very next day, I went to Seremban with buddy Kama Satwan and Erika.. Second week of holiday is all about travelling. Third week which is this week is about working so I spent 3 days 2 nights in KL to get my work done.

Now, I'm free from work, I will rest and live like a queen again for few days before going back to college.. Yippie.. Mummy is making pizza today so I'm anticipating. I will post my R.O.M pictures when I got it from my buddies.. Can't believe I'm stepping into another stage of my life already. Everything seems so fast.. Hahaha.. Maybe because time is ticking. Gotta spend more time being a lazy bum.. =)

Monday, September 5, 2011

3 weeks holiday

Holla everyone..

I'm enjoying my 3 weeks holiday now.. *jumping like a kid* It is really nice to finally slow down a little and enjoy some peaceful moments. However, I still have works pending so I'm not that free after all.. Works, thesis *OMG*... As for thesis, I wanted to start my work but I realized that I forgot to bring it back.. So forgetful. I've been forgetting things lately. I might have something urgent to tell but the next minute, I forgot about it. It happens all the time. Maybe I've been squeezing too much of brain juice recently.. Haha..

Something happy happened over the weekend and I shall not disclose it here yet. Don't worry people, I will when time comes.. I will definitely not keeping it to myself.. Btw, I'm going back to KL today for work purpose and also to meet my friends.. I miss all my friends although I just meet them last weekend.. LOL

Anyway, I know my blog is dead but I promise I will update more often..

Friday, August 26, 2011

Love is in the air

Love never fails when you find the right person.

And I think I found the right person. As most of you know, our love story starts with coincidence. That is how fate brought us together.. I feel so happy today because I get all the blessings from people that I love. Just feel excited and happy.. Thanks beloved friends for making feel so happy and blessed. I bet close friends will know why I'm so happy..

There is only one happiness in life - to love and be loved.
I think this applies to family, relationship and also friendship. I just want to thanks everyone that support me and also love me. I love you all equally much..

On the other note, I'm having holiday now! It is some other thing that put smile on my face. The feeling of doing nothing but chilling out is enough to make me smile.

But holiday makes me miss my friends even more. I'm not be able to meet them everyday.. :(

Sunday, August 7, 2011


The last time I've updated my blog is about 1 month ago.. Hmm.. This shows how tied up I was in this month. As usual, I've been busy with my assignments and datelines and etc.. But everything is ending soon which also means is the time for final exam. I'm dealing with lots of things recently which explains my absence.. But things are slowly sort out so it's a happy news for me.. I promise to blog about it once everything is confirmed.. :)

I'm down with sore throat, flu and cough at this moment.. Feels so sleepy after eating the medicine. I think I'm going to take a nap.. Or else will be dizzy for the whole day.. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

His birthday and Our Anniversary

2 days ago is my lovely lao gong's birthday and also our 3rd anniversary.. We made to the third year already.. Hahaha.. I bet our love story will never ends here and we will be happily together.. On that very special day, I have to wake up freaking early for my live interview session and I'm having a long break then an one hour class. In between the break, I'm already very sleepy and tired already. It is killing me.. I just wish to curl under my quilt and sleep my afternoon away but I can't. I had a date with my boyf.. I guess most of you will wonder what kind of romantic date that we had that day.. You are wrong.. We didn't had romantic date yet. We ended up having dinner with a bunch of his friends. It wasn't a romantic way to celebrate our 3rd anniversary but it was a nice and simple dinner.. Lol.. We will have our romantic dinner some other day.. Most probably after this weekend as it will be massive jam during this weekend..
I skipped class on Friday because I'm too tired. But yet, I didn't sleep well because I keep having weird dreams over and over again. I just want some nice sleep.. Is it very hard? I still got tons of assignments waiting for me and I need to plan for the so called romantic dinner.. This year, I didn't gave him any presents as I got no idea what to get him and I don't have time.. Sorry, lao gong!! :( But he got a Mont Blanc pen from his colleagues.. I want some of these colleagues too.. Hahaha..

I'm going to end this post with

Happy birthday and Happy 3rd Anniversary, Lao Gong!!
I love you and we will always be together, I promise!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Can you believe it? My last post is on 21st of May.. Oh how time flies.. I'm so tied up with assignments and also family matter. After my brother's wedding, I have to readjust my life to fit into my tight schedule. Not really tight actually but the gap in between classes is killing me.

4 out of 5 days, I have 8am class.. 4 out of 5 days, my classes have gaps of 5 hours in between. 2 out of 5 days, I have class until 8pm.. How nice my schedule is right? And my group got canceled twice for 6pm class almost very last minute.. Yeah, that is how suck my schedule is. And I have lots of assignment requires shooting and writing script this semester. Documentary, news gathering, creative programs, and etc. I have one script due next week and I still don't have time to write it.

My cheque for PC Fair is just release and I have to go back to the office to collect it. Damm. Last time, they will bank in for me. When I ask them do they need the shirt back and they said no. Now, they want me to send back the shirt before they release the salary. Wtf.. So maQfan.. Ish.. I have to waste my time to go to Damansara again. Geram..

As for the boyf and I, we are happy although we spend less time together. He will take the initiative to accompany me every Wednesday. Love him.. :) In few months' time, we will be together for 3 years already. I'm so excited about it..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

China trip.. Finally

Yeah!! Finally I have time to write about my China trip. It took forever to just load these pictures.. Well, it was a very backdated post which I apologized numerous time for it.. Lol.. So, this is it.. My 1st day in China is basically me arriving in Pudong International Airport at 7.00am and then went out of departure gate at 7.30am.. I have to wait for my brother because he is late. Oh, it's raining that day so it is super cold. We have to take public transport aka train and bus to reach my brother's apartment. We went to breakfast first b4 heading home. I'm dead hungry. Their breakfast is so different than ours. They had healthy breakfast such as porridge, soya bean and also yao char kuai. Hmm.. I grab some yao char kuai and soya bean. We headed back to my brother's apartment after that. Dad, mum and I been sleeping in until afternoon. The weather is so cold that dad, mum and I couldn't get used to it. We had lunch and then took bus to Nanjing Road. Hmm.. A place to shop but too bad, it's raining the whole day.. Boo~~ Their bus driver drives like a mad cow. It's super fast and super dangerous. Super scary too. We meet my brother in Nanjing Road and had steamboat for dinner.. Nicest thing to eat when the weather is so cold. I've posted the picture of my steamboat dinner earlier so I will not post it again.. Hehe..

Even it is raining, people still went to Nanjing Road which includes me and my family as well.. It was a nice experience walking under the rain and luckily, I didn't catch a cold.
We are one happy family posting under the rain.. Lol.. Too bad, my sister and younger brother couldn't join us.. You can imagine how cold it is by the layers of clothes we wear.. It's not even winter for god sake.
The next day, sister in law (1st one) brought us to sightseeing in Shanghai. We went to Oriental Pearl Tower (I'm not sure with the name) and we can see Shanghai from there. It is beautiful and KL is nothing near that.. LOL.. I'm not in the pictures because I'm the camera girl.. It was fun but you will get bored because keeps seeing the same thing.
Then, we went to a quite famous street which I forgot the name.. I have to ask my brother.. But it is very oriental type of street and you can get lots of nice snacks there..
Look, it's my daddy posing in front of Haagen Daaz holding the "bing tong wu lou". In drama, the "bing tong wu lou" looks very nice but in actual, it is kind of sour and it has seeds in it.. And the sugar coated outside is kind of hard.. But worth the try though..
The best Xiao Long Bao in Shanghai. Lots of people is queuing for it.. And super cheap also.. RMB 7.50 for 16 Xiao Long Bao.. Can you imagine it? 4 of us shared 16 Xiao Long Bao while waiting for my brother to meet us after work.
Ta-da.. The yummylicious Xiao Long Bao ever.. We have to queue quite long to buy it and my mum drop the precious first because the soup is too hot.. Hahaha.. She didn't master the skill yet. Soon enough, she learn how to eat a Xiao Long Bao when my sister in law teach her.. Looking at it makes me crave for it.. Yum Yum..
Dad, mum and I pose together. Did you notice that my smile looks a little bit awkward? That is because I was eating the "bing tong wu lou". Lol.. It looks rather weird but not too obvious.. I'm still waiting for my brother to come.. We couldn't wait any longer coz we are tired. So, we went to Haagen Daaz to chill while waiting..
A very nice cup of hot English Breakfast Tea and also a platter of ice cream and cookies.. I find this cup of tea is so nice so I skipped that platter.. After chilling in Haagen Daaz, we went to The Bund..
You can catch up some nice scenery here where you can see the highest building in Shanghai and also Oriental Pearl Tower.. I forgot the name of the highest building because my sister in law only tells me in Chinese.. Sorry, you all have to check it out yourself.
This is the other side where you can see the hotels and building in The Bund.. The scenery is basically killing. It is so nice and the cold weather fits perfectly.
I love the lighting here.. Lol.. Look at the river and you wouldn't believe that there is actually a tunnel right under the river. Shanghai is so so advanced. They even build a tunnel under a river.
We went sightseeing again and I caught a priceless pose of my brother.. He purposely pose it for me la.. See how dramatic my brother is..
The very next day, we went to China Pavilion.. The ticket is so cheap, it only cost us RMB 20 for a person. But the queue is killing. We practically queue for 2 hours to get into the pavilion. It will be demolish in May so I guess it worth queuing right?
Daddy is happy because we bought the ticket without have to queue but what he doesn't know is the queue is not start yet. Luckily the weather is nice enough for us to queue or else I will sure pengsan lo..
It is the biggest among all in Shanghai Expo.. I only manage to get in this one as the others are all demolished.. Boohoo~~
I love this painting very much and it is indeed the nicest thing in the pavilion. It is basically a drawing and it can move. It can also switch from day to night. You can see how the people inside the drawing works and also do their daily stuff.. It is so amazing.. This is the night view.

While this is the day view.. It was a very long electronic drawing and I was so in love with it. I spend quite long there just looking and taking pictures of it.
Look at the crazy queue.. I took it when I was inside the Pavilion. It is freaking insane okay. Not only tourist is going in but local as well.. People in China is so freaking scary because there are peoples everywhere..
My brother took leave and brought us to Suzhou. We went to Tiger Hill while my brother and sister in law went and try on the wedding dress. We were shivering cold but having ice cream at the same time.. The feeling is superb. We have to walk up the hill but the lazy us decided to pay for the shutter and let them drive us up the hill instead.. Then, we slowly walk down by ourselves.
The famous tower. What is it famous for? For not being straight.. Lol.. I didn't take a picture with it because my brother is not with me and no one taking picture for me.. *sob*
Mummy was so clumsy that she fell down while walking. In the end, her leg bengkak and we have to rush back to Shanghai. But, we manage to catch a picture and also see how my father is being caring towards mummy because he is holding her all the time. He scared that she might fall down again.. *smiles*
The reason of falling down? She was too concentrate on the flowers. She thinks they are very nice.. So I took a picture of her and the flower..
I actually went to Shanghai Zoo with my parents because we got nothing to do. My brother and sister in law have to bring her parents to do their visa. So, I happened to bump into Cindy there.. LOL.. It's a swan btw. I didn't know I will meet Cindy even when I'm in china..I feel so touched..
Chow chow.. Can you imagine that? They even have pet area in the zoo where there are lots of dogs there. I wanted to bring them back so much.. But I guess I will be arrested so I just took pictures of them.. Plus my boy loves Chow Chow so much.. So this is for him..
The main attraction that brought us to the zoo is this, PANDA!! It is a bit dirty but hey, I see a real panda before and not just girls with dark eye circle..
We went back to the building to take pictures while waiting for my sister in law and her parents to come and meet us.. You decide, who does my brother looks like? Dad or mum?
Oriental Pearl Tower that looks very nice when the sun is shinning.. Owh, I want to go back again.. Honestly, I keep seeing Oriental Pearl Tower when I was in China until I was so sien of seeing it.. Then, when I'm back to KL, all I see was KLCC..
Happy family with nice scenery.. We went and meet the in laws and they were so friendly.. I like them.. Hahaha.. And they like me too.. How I know that? Because my sister in law told me when they came and stay with us for a month.. Now that they are finally back, I missed them..
Night scene of The Bund.. It's beautiful isn't it? We took it from Haagen Daaz in the opposite.. Enjoying ice cream and scenery.. Seriously, I had too much of Haagen Daaz in China until I'm so afraid to eat it. My brother got lots cash coupons so he lets us use it.. But it was too heavy for my liking.. I prefer mild or maybe fruit taste..
Last day, daddy was so excited because we can finally go home.. He is not very used to food in China.. My brother decided to let us try on this bullet train that takes only 8 minutes to the airport. And that boots makes me have to take it off in airport.. Arghh.. So mafan..
And lastly, a picture of me with the train's full speed.. 431 km/h.. It was very fast and convenient.. It was a tiring 11 days because I was carrying my dslr with me and it is very heavy.. But I had fun minus the part where I throw tantrums at my parents.. Sorry, daddy and mummy.. And also the part where I have to email my boyfriend because facebook, twitter and blogspot is banned in China.. Luckily I get to skype with him once a while.. I miss him so much during my stay in China..

And now, he will be going to China soon and I will miss him.. :( This is a very brief post about my trip and I hope you all like it..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My apologies

I know I promised to blog once I'm back from Seremban but I didn't.. My bad okay? I'm sorry!! I have a very good reason for this, I promise you! I have guests in my house and my elder brother is BACK!! Which means I got no Internet to use because my house don't not have Wifi. *don't stare at me* Like I mentioned just now, I have guests which is my sister in law's parents. So, being the only one who don't need to work or study, I have to bring them out.. Or said accompany my brother to bring them out. Hahaha.. There are lots of wedding stuff needs to be done and I went out almost everyday. Now my waist and leg is like cacat already. Why I can blog now? Currently back to KL for my younger brother's orientation. Yeah, having a brother is troublesome but having 2 means double the trouble.. haha.. But also means double the love.. I got so many things to blog.. Apart from my China trip, Seremban trip (working purposes), KL trip and also Genting trip. I went to so many places in 2 weeks.. No wonder my leg patah d..

My brother's wedding is in 2 weeks time and hopefully we can pull through every obstacles so that my brother will have a very happy wedding.. *finger crossed* Results is out today and thank god I passed!! Thank you Mr Lim.. Classes resuming next week and I want to extend my holiday! Pls! Can I have longer holiday?

I wake up pretty early today for my brother's orientation and been waiting for him since then. 1 more hour to go and I can go back and sleep. I didn't sleep well yesterday.. I really seriously desperately need more sleep.. Thank you.. Byebye!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

We are okay now

It's seems like I've been missing for a while right? I had job offers for PC Fair so I have to work last weekend. When I was finally free from work, I went home. That very day, I had a very huge arguments with my boyf. I'm not going to elaborate on that and we are okay now.

My point is, after that argument, I realized that he was so important to me. I never admitted this before but yes, he is truly very important to me. I was so in love with him that there are never once crossed my mind that one day, we might break up. No no no, we are not breaking up, okay. That incident makes me realized that I cannot take things for granted. I have to appreciate what I have. But throughout this arguments, I knows that honesty is really important. Now, I have nothing to hide from him anymore and hope that I can always be true to myself as well.

I'm currently in Seremban for another job offer. I will update about my China trip and birthday once I'm back to Klang. I wanted to blog about my trip so much but couldn't coz some of my pictures corrupted. I have to wait for my brother to come back so that I can copy the pictures from him.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm still alive.. LOL

Hello world!
Fyi, I'm still alive.. It's just that everything comes in one o so I do not have the time to even breathe.. Lol.. First of all, I had my final on last Wednesday.. Yes, only Wednesday and then my buddies celebrated my birthday on Thursday (will elaborate on that in another post) and my actual birthday falls on Saturday. So, I have no time to blog because I was too busy having fun.. LOL..
I know I know.. I haven't even blog about my China trip. I'm so sorry. I have to work for this coming PC Fair so bear with me okie? Yeah, for the first time, my holiday is occupied with works and works and works. I have some jobs in hands now and also my brother's wedding. So, I might be busy for this coming holiday.. Oh, and also, my younger brother is going to start his new stage of life, which is college life so I have to make sure he can adapt with it. Mainly because my baby brother is protected and pampered in the family. So, fingers crossed so that everything went on smoothly.. And I promise I will update all my backdated post..

Come visit me in PC Fait this coming weekend if you are free. Drop by and say hi.. Lol..
Till then, bye..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm BACK!!

I'm BACK, everyone!! I bet you all miss me don't ya? (thick-face..) Lol.. Well, I'm finally back to Malaysia after 11 days staying in China.. I wanted to blog so much but China banned blogspot as well.. So, you all gotta wait.. Haha..

The weather in these 2 country is totally contrast so I'm down with flu and cough.. Great welcome home gift huh? The picture above is my 1st dinner in China which is steamboat.. Yummeh!! Especially the lamb.. Thinking about it makes me crave for it..

China is super bored because they banned Facebook, Twitter and also Blogspot.. So, I spend most of my days going out and sight-seeing.. Wait till I settle everything, I will blog about my trip..

Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Loving all of you

So, I will be going to China tonight for 10 freaking days. And that also means that no facebook, twitter or whatsoever. How to survive you tell me! I finally completed my assignment for this semester and I can go for vacation without thinking about my assignment. Hahaha.. I will so miss all of you here.. I wonder if my luggage exceed the weight limit but hey, I think I didn't bring much things also.

It's been so so long since I last post any pictures. Yeah, picture-less post.. As usual.. But no, today, I've insert some picture..

My love.. So long didn't post his pictures already. Haha. Can you all still recognize him? This was taken during CNY in my granny's house. I will definitely miss him so so much.. As mentioned in the last post, he gave me surprise. I really love him for the surprise and also being him. Yes, sometimes, we argue and I was furious. But in the end, he will show me that he love me with his whole heart which melts me every single time. As usual, I will learn very much from the arguments that we had. Our relationship will be strong.. I promise you! I love you!

Pictures of ma buddies!! My very loyal buddy that stayed with me through thicks and thin. And he is turning to 21 this year!! Hahahaha.. Too bad, no available.. Or else I can introduce la.. He will help me to hand in my last 2 assignments. Muahahaha.. I think we need to take more picture, LOUIS LIM!!

Yeah! My new come close friend.. When we were on facebook chat last week, we tried to arrange some meet ups but turns out that our time is not compatible. So, we said we will meet up when I come back from China. However, fate makes us meet for 3 times this week which is out of our expectation.. And I really had lots of fun hanging out with you, SHINNIE! Don't be too emo k and all the best for your exam.. You can only emo when I'm back coz by then, I can be there for you.. Lol..

Xanne, Wan Huey and I.. We've been hanging out quite often recently together with Shinnie.. Too bad, I don't have a picture of the 4 of us together.. We should take more pictures together next time.. I don't care.. It's a must.. Muahahah.. We've clicked quite well that we got things to talk when we meet and then continue in twitter.. Nice one!
Acting cute la this fella! It was taken in Pavilion some time ago which I also forget when liow.. Ma buddy.. I've spent time with her almost everyday. (I didn't meet my boyf everyday also) I wil sure I will super miss her.. Her lameness and everything about her.. OMG, I sound so gay already..
Us together.. Lame but happy as always!!
This is her in girly attire.. Hahaha.. Very very seldom will get the chance to see her like this.. Exclusive for my blog only... When I post this picture in Facebook, everyone is super surprise seeing her dress up like this..

Who is this? This is JUN!! Jun, Jun, Jun.. My new classmates for this semester.. Very funny and also very helpful.. Having so much fun with her this semester.. But next semester, we will be apart again.. Never mind, will definitely stick to her la.. Hahahah..
And lastly,
My surprise.. The surprise is the camera and the other one is the external charger that Jun help me buy.. I love this 2 item so so much! Thanks lao gong and also Jun.. Yes, a DSLR is the surprise that ma boy gave me.. Happy? Yes of course but kind of worry as well because I'm so not used to DSLR.. So, my G12 fly away already.. Gotta fully get use to the new baby.

Don't you think my charger is very nice? Super love it.. Gotta doll it up when I have the time. It is the generous type and not the selfish type.. Lol..