Thursday, September 15, 2011


I'm currently hooked to The Sims Social in Facebook. Yeah, I'm kinda late but better than none right? Finally, I'm off work and back to Klang again. But college is resuming is few day's time. No more living like a queen.. LOL..

My first week of holiday is basically living like a queen. I sleep, eat, watch drama, chat with parents and went shopping with sis. After living like a queen for more than a week, I was starting to busy again. First, I had my R.O.M.. You did not read it wrongly.. I'm legally married.. It's kind of shocking but at least I'm happy. So now left the Chinese ceremony.. I wonder if I'm married or not.. LOL.. Then, I went to Ipoh with hubby to meet someone. The very next day, I went to Seremban with buddy Kama Satwan and Erika.. Second week of holiday is all about travelling. Third week which is this week is about working so I spent 3 days 2 nights in KL to get my work done.

Now, I'm free from work, I will rest and live like a queen again for few days before going back to college.. Yippie.. Mummy is making pizza today so I'm anticipating. I will post my R.O.M pictures when I got it from my buddies.. Can't believe I'm stepping into another stage of my life already. Everything seems so fast.. Hahaha.. Maybe because time is ticking. Gotta spend more time being a lazy bum.. =)

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