Friday, September 16, 2011

Gloomy days

The weather is so so today.. It seems like it will rain but it didn't. The weather actually disappoint me a little. But nevermind. Weather is always unpredictable. Same goes to my mood. I'm feeling tired, moody, depress, and everything negative at the same time. I wonder why. Wake up early in the morning don't know what to do. Then spend the whole day day-dreaming and eating then sleeping. Eating is not satisfying me today. I feel so full and suffer after meal which I don't know why.. There are times I feel like puking. I know it is normal but the kind of feeling making me any better.

Maybe coz my holiday is going to end soon. Maybe coz the weather makes me feel so gloomy. Or maybe it's because my dad who still feeling sick. There are lots of maybe but I don't know exactly why. But anyway, my bestie, Pink just text me and tell me that she is coming to find me. It did brighten me a little. I guess I need some time with my girlfriend. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day for me as I need to pack and ready to go back to KL.. Class is starting next week..

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