Monday, September 5, 2011

3 weeks holiday

Holla everyone..

I'm enjoying my 3 weeks holiday now.. *jumping like a kid* It is really nice to finally slow down a little and enjoy some peaceful moments. However, I still have works pending so I'm not that free after all.. Works, thesis *OMG*... As for thesis, I wanted to start my work but I realized that I forgot to bring it back.. So forgetful. I've been forgetting things lately. I might have something urgent to tell but the next minute, I forgot about it. It happens all the time. Maybe I've been squeezing too much of brain juice recently.. Haha..

Something happy happened over the weekend and I shall not disclose it here yet. Don't worry people, I will when time comes.. I will definitely not keeping it to myself.. Btw, I'm going back to KL today for work purpose and also to meet my friends.. I miss all my friends although I just meet them last weekend.. LOL

Anyway, I know my blog is dead but I promise I will update more often..

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