Saturday, October 1, 2011

No time no time..

Lots of things happened lately.. I cannot digest everything yet so I've abandoned my blog once again. I guess I need more time.. But I don't know how long will it takes.

I've struggling between studies and wedding preparation. LOL.. I need to find time to do both. It is my final semester so I need to do thesis. The stress level had reach a higher limit. Just last week, I spend 2 hours to choose my wedding dress for photo shooting and wedding day. This week, I spend the whole day doing photo shooting. Now I know that photo shooting is very tiring. But being a typical female, I love changing clothes, putting on make ups and also hair-do.. It is really fun.. So, I really need to focus on my thesis now..

Pictures are lesser in my blog because I seldom take pictures nowadays.. I'm always busy with my task.. Sorry guys..

Lou gong went to Bali last Thursday and will only come back tmr. It is a company trip and I'm missing him so much right now.. =(

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