Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm BACK!!

I'm BACK, everyone!! I bet you all miss me don't ya? (thick-face..) Lol.. Well, I'm finally back to Malaysia after 11 days staying in China.. I wanted to blog so much but China banned blogspot as well.. So, you all gotta wait.. Haha..

The weather in these 2 country is totally contrast so I'm down with flu and cough.. Great welcome home gift huh? The picture above is my 1st dinner in China which is steamboat.. Yummeh!! Especially the lamb.. Thinking about it makes me crave for it..

China is super bored because they banned Facebook, Twitter and also Blogspot.. So, I spend most of my days going out and sight-seeing.. Wait till I settle everything, I will blog about my trip..

Stay tuned!

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