Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm still alive.. LOL

Hello world!
Fyi, I'm still alive.. It's just that everything comes in one o so I do not have the time to even breathe.. Lol.. First of all, I had my final on last Wednesday.. Yes, only Wednesday and then my buddies celebrated my birthday on Thursday (will elaborate on that in another post) and my actual birthday falls on Saturday. So, I have no time to blog because I was too busy having fun.. LOL..
I know I know.. I haven't even blog about my China trip. I'm so sorry. I have to work for this coming PC Fair so bear with me okie? Yeah, for the first time, my holiday is occupied with works and works and works. I have some jobs in hands now and also my brother's wedding. So, I might be busy for this coming holiday.. Oh, and also, my younger brother is going to start his new stage of life, which is college life so I have to make sure he can adapt with it. Mainly because my baby brother is protected and pampered in the family. So, fingers crossed so that everything went on smoothly.. And I promise I will update all my backdated post..

Come visit me in PC Fait this coming weekend if you are free. Drop by and say hi.. Lol..
Till then, bye..

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