Thursday, April 21, 2011

We are okay now

It's seems like I've been missing for a while right? I had job offers for PC Fair so I have to work last weekend. When I was finally free from work, I went home. That very day, I had a very huge arguments with my boyf. I'm not going to elaborate on that and we are okay now.

My point is, after that argument, I realized that he was so important to me. I never admitted this before but yes, he is truly very important to me. I was so in love with him that there are never once crossed my mind that one day, we might break up. No no no, we are not breaking up, okay. That incident makes me realized that I cannot take things for granted. I have to appreciate what I have. But throughout this arguments, I knows that honesty is really important. Now, I have nothing to hide from him anymore and hope that I can always be true to myself as well.

I'm currently in Seremban for another job offer. I will update about my China trip and birthday once I'm back to Klang. I wanted to blog about my trip so much but couldn't coz some of my pictures corrupted. I have to wait for my brother to come back so that I can copy the pictures from him.

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