Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My apologies

I know I promised to blog once I'm back from Seremban but I didn't.. My bad okay? I'm sorry!! I have a very good reason for this, I promise you! I have guests in my house and my elder brother is BACK!! Which means I got no Internet to use because my house don't not have Wifi. *don't stare at me* Like I mentioned just now, I have guests which is my sister in law's parents. So, being the only one who don't need to work or study, I have to bring them out.. Or said accompany my brother to bring them out. Hahaha.. There are lots of wedding stuff needs to be done and I went out almost everyday. Now my waist and leg is like cacat already. Why I can blog now? Currently back to KL for my younger brother's orientation. Yeah, having a brother is troublesome but having 2 means double the trouble.. haha.. But also means double the love.. I got so many things to blog.. Apart from my China trip, Seremban trip (working purposes), KL trip and also Genting trip. I went to so many places in 2 weeks.. No wonder my leg patah d..

My brother's wedding is in 2 weeks time and hopefully we can pull through every obstacles so that my brother will have a very happy wedding.. *finger crossed* Results is out today and thank god I passed!! Thank you Mr Lim.. Classes resuming next week and I want to extend my holiday! Pls! Can I have longer holiday?

I wake up pretty early today for my brother's orientation and been waiting for him since then. 1 more hour to go and I can go back and sleep. I didn't sleep well yesterday.. I really seriously desperately need more sleep.. Thank you.. Byebye!

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