Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a lazy bum I am

I look like I just woke up after hot sex and stole my boyfriend's shirt to wear. Nope, it's mine.. This is one of the things that I splurge during my stressful exam week. I forgot to bring my clutches back so I wear it just like this.. Hahaha.. Holiday is a bit boring for me because I tend to be too free.. I stayed in front of the lappie too long that I find it quite boring. Then, I start reading my new book and I finished Mini Shopaholic in 3 days.. I also tried playing The Sims 3 which I kind of enjoy. But somehow, I got stuck in building my dream house. I don't know what kind of design I wanted yet so I left it unattended.
I also started to watch Korean drama that I borrowed from Hui Bee before exam. I tried very hard to concentrate on the subtitles because they speak in Korean and the subtitles is in chinese. I tried my best to connect the words I know so that I know what is going on. It is not an easy task for me because Chinese words that I know is limited. Lolz. Yeah, I don't know how to read Chinese but I'm learning. I can speak well but just cannot read.
Finally, I hide my lazy bug and start cleaning my stuff that I left there about half a year. I throw away all of my notes but keeps my assignments because that is my hard work.. I even throw away lots of things such as receipt, name cards and wallets/purse.. Phew, after 1 and half hour later, everything is done including vacuuming the room. I'm happy because I got extra space to put things.. Guess mum and sis will be happy seeing it too.. And and I found RM50 in my drawers.. Yippie, extra cash.. I wonder if I hide any money anywhere?

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