Saturday, September 11, 2010

The day we reunited again..

2 days ago, Pink came to Klang and stayed with me.. She asked me to go Nilai at first but I just came back to Klang that day itself.. So, it is kind of impossible to leave again as my parents will nag me non stop. She drove all the way from Nilai to Klang just to meet me.. Owh, I'm so touched. *loves her max* I went to Klang Parade and get her because she is not familiar with Klang. We talked non stop since I get into her car. That night, we actually chatted and watched drama together until 3.30am. It was a really nice catch up because we were both busy and couldn't find the right time to meet. I miss her so much and meeting her makes me feels like having my other half back. I've been missing a piece of myself. Lolz. She completes me.. Ok, I sounded like a lesbo but we are not. We updates our life and tell all the stories to each other. In the end, we dozed off because I was still suffering the aftermath of a trip. We shared a single bed in my study room.. Hahahaha.. Sorry darling, make you squeeze in a single bed with me. But I enjoyed the intimacy.. Oh my, I sounds lesbo again.. Nehmind, I'm willing to be lesbo with her.. LOlz.. The next morning, we woke up pretty early and had breakfast. Surf the net for a while then shower and off we go to Pyramid. Shopping is also a must do during our meetings. We actually went with my sis and her friend but we went separate ways. we tried on clothes and took pictures like how we used to. It is a really nice catch ups. We even met up with Alex and his friend, Morgan. Both of them are so kind to drop by Klang and catch a movie with us. The 4 of us had bah kut teh for dinner and we are 4 happy people again. The bah kut teh is yummylicious. We went to Aeon to watch Resident Evil 3D. The story line is so so and I was freezing inside. The person in front of me talks so loud. Don't he realized that he is actually in cinema? Gosh! Oh, Jerry did joined us for movies. Pink went back to Nilai after that because she actually forgots her charger. Hmmph.. We hugs each other goodbye before sending her off to Klang Parade again.. I'm so gonna miss her.. But she promised me that she will come and find me soon.. I'm waiting..

Fitting rooms of Forever 21
Like the poses
Lighting here is cool..
Self shot..
Love you darling
I shall see you again very soon

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