Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crazy timetable

My schedule is finally out but I'm not happy with it. 4 days of 8am class plus 2 days of 5 hours straight of class for 1 particular subject. How suck can that be? Most of my lecture and tutorial class is in Q block. Oh my god, that is really really far.. Matilah saya.. When assignments start, I'm dead for sure.

I can't believe I still have to attend English this semester. So, I attended English today and it is boring.. 1st, lecturer is a Sue Soh num 2 minus the overacting part. 2nd,she discuss about meetings and only meetings. I almost fell asleep in the class. But she is kind of unique tho because if someone communicate using language other than English,in the following week, that particular person have to sing a song in the class. I think assignments for this semester is kinda heavy too as they carries lots of marks.. Hopefully I can survive thru semester 2..
Yesterday, I worked in Harvery Norman in Midvalley but under Papago lo.. It's an easy job as I only need to serve the customers. Plus it's a Tuesday so there are not many customers. Hehehe.. In fact, I've watch several movies there such as Ong Bak 3, Shanghai Noon, Madagascar 2 and Shaolin Soccer.. There are one stool there and the staffs there are so friendly to let me rest.. I've met few new friends and they are so kind to have lunch with me.. *happy* Due to the wrong shoes, my feet is full with blister and it hurts badly. New semester starts already so hopefully I will still have time for some part time jobs coz I wants to spend my own money.. I just feel that I should reduce some of my daddy's burden because my younger brother is going to enter college soon. Right now, I pray for a good results and also for my brother so that he can really study hard and get good grades..

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