Saturday, October 2, 2010

Survived week 1

Week 1 of college is over.. I guess the coming week will be hectic because assignments starts kicking in. Throughout this whole week, I've make a few friends and also spend lots of quality time with the boyf. Lots of things need to be done. Internship starts next semester and everything have to be done this semester.. Sigh. Where is the list SSSH? Slow as usual..

Yesterday, I went to airport twice. Lolz.. 1st time is to send Yogurt they all as they are going to Kuching for holiday. It was fun because I could speed up to 160km/h. The boyf is not with me because the car cannot fit so many people.. Hahaha.. But the journey back is disaster.. I missed a turning and I went all the way to Puchong and stuck in a jam. hmmph.. Then, the boyf and I went to airport again to sent his off. It was a tiring journey and we went back to Klang after that. I sleep after fetching bro from tuition. And I only wake up at 9pm.. Hahahaha.. Boyf went back around12am. I wanted to wait for his call but I'm too tired so I fell asleep. He called and I mumbled all the way.. Hahahaha..

And today, I wake up feeling tired but couldn't sleep any longer.. Sis went to Cameron with her ex-colleague and I'm left home with my younger brother.. Hahaha..

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