Thursday, October 7, 2010

A little about my life..

Holla everyone.. Told ya, it was a stressful week. It is just week 2 and we are showered with a lot of assignments already and due dates is also approaching. And I get a very good news.. I will have to attend 8am classes for 4 days continuously. This is because my group is lucky to picked up 10am class on Thursday. But still, 8am class is killing me. I wake up late today because I didn't hear the sound of my alarm. Luckily Yogurt called and I managed to wake up. This kind of incident didn't happened to me before. I attended class for 1 hour plus and back home again. Which also explains why I sleep from 10am till 3.17pm. Hahaha.. I'm too tired and having period cramp, that's why.

Yesterday, I was talking to the boyf on the phone. He said something about the dream that he had earlier and I asked him what is that. He said he will tell me later and I keep asking. In the end, we had a row and I'm so so tired to actually react anymore. Is it him or me? What is wrong? Sien max..

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