Friday, October 15, 2010

Where is my sunshine?

Looks familiar? It is taken in Pavilion's Forever 21. I went there with Erica yesterday. It was a very nice chatting/shopping day where we spent our evening having yummylicious snowflakes and shopping.. College is hectic for me because of 8am class. I feel so tired and lazy to do anything after class. Which also explains the delayed of my assignments. I should get it started b4 everything is too late.

I've spend 3 days out of 5 days with the boyf. It is nice and relaxing being with him although he is answering phone calls non stop. That is his job and I cannot say anything. Lolz.

I'm still madly in love with G11.. More than my boyf.. *evil smiles* Just kidding. Of course I love my boyf more. But I can't stop thinking about the camera and wanted to lay my hands on it.. Oh gawd, it is so tempting that I even have the picture of G11 as my lappie's wallpaper.. The power of love..

I've been living in gloomy mood recently because I'm extremely tired. My sleeping time is so messed up because I have morning class then I took my nap in the noon and ended up cannot sleep during night. Lolz.. So, my mood is like a roller coaster. When will the sun shine on me again? I don't like gloomy mood. Missing the bubbly me..

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