Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese

Say cheeeeeeeeeeese everyone as Pizza Hut introduced new Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza. From the name itself you can guess it.. There are 6 types of cheeese in it..

*Pictures credits to Pizza Hut*

You must wonder what types of cheese that they added into the pizza.. Here is it..

Monterey Jack

I bet most of you only know 3 of it coz I'm one of it. Lol. It amazed me how 6 types of cheese can be melt together.. And it taste like heaven.. It is so tempting and I cannot help myself to give it a try.. As you know, SHARING IS CARING so I decided to tried it out with 2 of my bestie. *excited*

Mushroom soup

7 up Revive

Garlic Bread

Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng.... Here is my love, Cheesy Chicken.. *loves*
I wanted to try all the flavor but I couldn't finish it. Such a waste. So I can only choose 1 out of 3.. *look at the other 2 flavor sadly*

Pictures tells everything..
My buddies did looks like a kid stealing some pizza.. This is how much we love it..
She forced herself to hold the pizza and tried very hard not to eat it.. And did you notice, there is a bite missing.. She secretly had a bite.. Oops..

Orgasm face.. That is how heavenly it taste like.. *applause*
Double layer extreme cheesy 6 pizza.. This is our own creation which shows our desire towards double layer..Yummeh..

Me with the hero of the day.. It really make my day as I'm satisfied and extremely happy.
If only I can have it all by myself..

Delizioso is the only words that can express my feelings.. Eating is my passion although I cannot eat much.. But I like to try new food after being influenced by my friends. But I'm kind of disappointed because the staff did not wear the full cheese uniform.. *sad* They only have their apron on.. Anyway, the pizza itself already filled my sadness because it is so hard to resist and be sad when having a full cheese pizza in your mouth.. Although it is sinful, but it is tempting as well.. I bet there are lots of you out there cannot resist it..


Last but not least...

I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

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