Monday, November 1, 2010

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Oops, I'm so into my self introduction assignment. Anyway, that is how I do my assignment. I hand it in this morning and I'm very very tired. There are some problems with the assignments so I have to do it all over again. Lolz.. But it's ok.. At least I put in efforts. I'm so tired that I slept in my bf's car the whole journey from gk to tian hou temple. Seriously, I'm like pengsan already. I cannot even wake up when I reached my destination. In the end, my bf went to the temple alone while I continue to sleep in the car. Geng right? I know.. Shameless.

I sleep the whole afternoon and finally wake up to online. My elder brother came and msn me. He asked me about my daddy's condition. I know nothing about it. Then my brother asked, did you go home last weekend? I said no..Immediately, I called my sister. She explains a little and I asked her to online. There we are, having family discussion thru skype. I'm dead worry about daddy right now. Hope he is ok. His report is not out yet and he needs to go thru check ups. I hope I can be home at this moment. I can't because I'm having presentation this coming Thursday.. Sigh.. Daddy daddy, pls be healthy.. Don't fall sick ok.. I love you very very much..

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