Friday, November 5, 2010


This baby is sent to Canon for repair.. Thanks to sis friend who being playful.. It took Canon 5 days to send me the quotation for the repair. It costs RM297 to repair it.. Luckily they said can collect it next week. Or else I'm sure gonna fuck them gao gao.. See la, reapir a camera also so expensive. It's like 20% of the camera's original price.. Wow, if it's my baby G12, how much will it be? Ok la, I changed my target to G12 because it can take HD video and I seriously need it..

I had my tv presentation yesterday and it was a nightmare. We do everything last minute and it was such a mess. We left out lots of important things. We did not attach cover to the proposal and left out some shots. This is the first time we are doing it with Pn Khaza so she didn't scold us. I guess the next time, we have to plan it properly.

I came home yesterday and my house is such a mess. It is under renovation. Dust is everywhere and we cannot go out because the cement is still wet. Lots of things need to be done. I have midterms and assignment due-ing next week. Hectic life..

This is my dog, Velvet, just in case you don't know. Don't be fool by his innocent face because he is very naughty. Sis and I have to bath him today. Daddy is the one who do it all the time but he is not feeling well today so sis and I did it. He bully us because he is not scared of us. He splash the water all over sis and I and didn't want to sit still to let us bath him. After that, sis dry him using the hair dryer and he tried to run away.. See, how naughty he is. Only dad can control him.. Lolz..

Things has not been going too well this week because my work is done properly and there are just some problems occur.. I just hope everything will be ok soon enough.. Life is really unpredictable and so do I..

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