Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hello everyone

Hey everyone, sorry for being hiatus.. Lol.. I've been so tied up with assignments and family stuffs. It's weekend but I didn't get to sleep late coz Velvet came into my room and bark till I'm awake to let him out. Good day it seems, being waken by my doggie.

Yesterday, I attended a talk by Ms Loh's friend, Mr Benji Lim, a director in Malaysia. He involved in 15 Malaysia's project and also made a few independent films. He really inspired me a lot because he shared his experience about being a director. He said, we must think and support our points with facts. I think what he said is true. Now, I will try to see things from the different ways. Thanks Ms Loh for inviting us to the talk.. *smiles*

I've been hooked up to mahjong lately.. Hahaha.. My housemates and I are playing with it to release stress. But it didn't involved money. I don't have lucks in gambling I guess..

When? When only I will be free and stop thinking about productions? Seriously, Advanced is not easy.. I guess I have to start studying now.. The only things that makes me feel better is my assignments marks..

Pictures? Maybe later.. Lolz.. I don't have time to take any picture at the moments..

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