Tuesday, November 9, 2010

bla bla bla

I survived my radio rehearsal today.. Things is kind of messy but it is consider a quite last minute work.. The story is kind of new and fresh for me. Hopefully we will do it better for live one next week.

I tell you some funny story.. I have this lecturer who adds us in Facebook. He is my lecturer since last semester and coincidently I failed his subject last semester. I don't why I fail and my group of friend all fails too.. Hahahaha.. This semester, we are lucky to have him again as our lecturer/tutor. He changed our lecture time to 8am and I cannot get up for so many weeks. Then every few days, I will see him cursing people who didn't attend his lecture.. Cute-kan? I also think so lo.. I will try my best to attend lo.. Janganlah curse curse always.. Better study for all the subjects now..

My lovely lappie keep on hang recently.. I pun tak tahu kenapa.. Haiyo.. Very mafan lo.. How? Is it install to many software? Or what? I pun dunno lo.. Which computer expert is kind enough to check for me le? Oh ya, ko is coming back. I can ask for his help..

And and, my temper macam bitch lo.. Menstrual cramp.. That's y.. so bear with me la.. I also very tired lo.. Everyday moody then feel like killing people.. haiya.. Sien max..

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