Saturday, November 20, 2010

Coincident of the day..

Life is full of coincidence.. If it is not coincidence, I would not have met my love. :) Anyway, today is not a day to talk about my love.. Lolz. It's a bout coincidence of the day.

Yesterday, I was supposed to go home at 4pm but due to the boyf have some work to do, we have to go home later. He fetched me to Puchong because his client wants to see the house. We waited and waited but no signs of his colleague and client. I on my What's App after so long and get a msg. From my buddy, Chung Weng.. And that msg is sent at September.. Hahahaha.. I replied him only to realized it was a "expired" msg. We chatted for a while and it's nice catching up again. I miss him, really.. It's been really long since I last saw him..

I was happily browsing thru people who used the same application and holla, I found him. The long lost friend aka ex, Wei Lun.. Hmm.. I have his number but I scared he is no longer using that number so I didn't call. And that's it. We lost contact. I decided to send him msg and waits very long fro his reply. I off it and was busy with my dinner when I got home. Later, I on it back and saw his reply asking who am I. Lolz. I answer, I'm vling. Still remember me? Guess what is his reply? Sorry, I'm his gf. He is not around. Anything I can help me? ......... Awkward situation that I'm stuck in. I replied, just a long lost friend and surprise seeing him using the same applications. Coincidently meeting him in What's App and coincidently chatting with the gf.. Anyway, today I browse thru facebook and found him. Added him and chatted for a while. I wonder, will he refuse to be friends with me anymore? I don't know. By chatting with him, memories flows bits by bits. Ah, nostalgia..

Coincidence brought me chatting with three of my friend yesterday. First, Pin Xien then Chung Weng and lastly Wei Lun. I realized that I have been living in my own groups of friends for too long. It makes me forget my other friends. I guess it's time to catch up once again buddies..

My boyf got a little jealous of me chatting with my ex.. 2 somemore.. Lolz.. But if it wasn't him, I will not on my What's App.. Should I thank him? Lolz

So, this is my story of coincidence..
What's yours?

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