Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lucky day in Ikea

You did not see it wrongly.. It was TUN DR MAHATHIR with MY DADDY.. Look at my dad's happy face, you know it is true. Lolz.. Today is supposed to be normal family outing to Ikea to look for the light. We are renovating our house so we need to survey the lighting as well. While waiting for mummy who happens to go to washroom, siblings and I actually saw Tun Dr Mahathir. We don't know how to react and wanted to call daddy who is sitting in another side. Nope, we didn't so anything because he is walking pretty fast and we lost him when mummy finally came out. Later, we saw him again and daddy is so excited. He went over and take picture with him. Which also explains the picture above. I was a little bit shy so I didn't step up. We continued to walk around and then we met him another time which also the last time. Dad encourage us to go and take picture with him. And we did. Bro, mum and I went and took picture with him but sadly he didn't look at the camera because there are so many camera there. Anyway, it was consider a lucky day because I didn't get to meet him at all during his time as a Prime Minister. Anyway, today is a lucky coz in the end, I get to eat my favourite Teppanyaki..

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