Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Love at first sight

PowerShot G11
PowerShot G12

I'm aiming for either one of this camera above. It was love at the first sight when I saw it in the shop yesterday. Previously, I was aiming for PowerShot S90 but I'm falling in love with G11 now.. At this moment, I don't have the cash to buy it so I just have to post it in my blog so that I have the motivation to work and get it.. Wait for me baby.. You will be mine soon..

I will not go pro like Wan Huey but at least learn the basic of it.. Lolz. I have Wan Huey to teach me a little here and there. So I guess it is alright for me to buy something more than just a digital camera. Work work work! Have to be motivated to work.. But also cope with studies at the same time.

Wonder when will I be together with my love at the first sight? I just can't get my eyes off you..

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