Sunday, April 26, 2009

What is wrong with me?

Yesterday, my bf realised that I've been reading his blog and we had a huge fight.. He was so FURIOUS that he refused to talk to me.. He won't act like that even if he is angry last time.. He would raised a little bit of voice but he won't ignore me.. Yesterday is the 1st time and you can imagine how angry he is.. He rufused to talk to me no matter how I begged him to.. After a whole long of 40 minutes, he still didn't talk but he just show action by taking my stuff.. This means he is fetching me back.. He didn't talk to me the whole journey back.. Until when we are back to my house, he talked back to me and said if next time he found out about me reading his blog again, he really won't talk to me anymore.. So, this is how much he hated Xiang!!

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