Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm Back to Klang..

Home Sweet Home!!
I'm back!! Tough weeks as I'm having my last paper.. Ok.. It's a resit paper..Its the stupid Electronic Commerce paper.. I don't have the Ump to study at all.. I give myself so many excuses to stay away from the notes.. Bad bad.. I only studied the day b4 the exam.. Still feeling very sleepy, I don't know why.. Hehe.. Luckily I still manage to squeeze in my notes and answer the questions. The are some that I forgot but still manage to remember it later.. Luck is on my side..
Ann baby said we have to work on Monday because Abby texted.. This time, they need 2 people only so Ann baby said it is better if Yogurt baby and I go.. So I rushed back to KL on Monday morning and then waited for Jerry to fetched me and Yogurt to The Mall.. We were so reluctant to go because it's tiring.. We reached and I called Abby.. She directed me to a restaurant named Lagenda restaurant. I looked for the guy in charge and this how the conversation goes..
He : Why are you here?
Me: Abby asked us to come..
He went out and call Abby i guess,.. Few minutes later, he came back and said..
We don't need you here today.. Abby make a mistakes and you all can leave now..
Yogurt and I stunt there and then pack our things and leave.. We were thinking how to go back and then I called Jerry to try my luck.. But then, he almost reached Cheras already.. He was caring enough to turned back and fetched us.. I heart him so muchie.. Hehe.. Doing nothing and procratinating the whole day..
The next day, Tuesday, his mum is having offday and wanted to go to Midvalley so we tag along.. We had McD as brunch.. McD changed their lunch menu already.. Yeah.. Big Mac and Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe.. Me favourite.. Thumbs up!! Then, we decided to send the IPhone to repair because it dropped previously and had some problems.. We went to The Gardens to asked if it is under waranthy and yes, so we send in.. The technician said they might replace a new IPhone.. Wow.. Cool.. We walked around and then went back..
Wednesday.. Still procrastinating.... Started to read at night and sleeeeeeeeeep.
Thursday, exam day.. Wake up early in the morning and study.. Then, Wh, Ann and Hui Bin came to my room and we studied together.. We went to brunch together and then exam.. Gosh.. Hated EC so much.. But it is finally over.. Went back.
Friday, Labour Day.. Got extra cash today.. We decided to go to Ikea instead of shopping mall.. Walked around in Ikea and then Maxis Centre called. Went back to his house to get receipt and went to Midvalley.. We were having luck because they really replace a new phone... But it's a 16GB phone.. Hahahahahaha... We went to Machines and bought the casing plus screen protector.. We cannot bear to drop it again... At night, his family is having dinner outside and his dad asked me along.. They ordered crab.. His mum asked me if I can eat because she know I got food allergy.. I said don't know and only eat a bit.. True enough, my body itches.. Nevermind.. The crab is so yummylicious.. So full from the dinner... Went back after dinner..
Saturday, working day.. Went to BU8 again and this time, we are shooting here.. Phew, thank god.. I didn't shhot much and spent the whole day in O-Town.. Haha.. Gained RMXXX end of the day..
Today, come back to Klang.. My home sweet home.. Feels so nice to be home..

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